New House – The Bad

So, continuing with the new home tour… I covered some of the good parts earlier. But the bad stuff is so much more fun to talk about, right?  Herein lies where we’ll focus our initial projects and finally get to flex our DIY muscles that hopefully haven’t atrophied beyond the point of usefulness.  I can’t wait!

First, semi-minor. I believe this practice is somewhat typical in other countries, but its totally unusual in Mississippi. The washer/dryer are right in the kitchen.  Furthermore, the kitchen/dining room/living room are all open to each other, so basically the laundry room is in the living room.


Moving into the master bedroom, we realize that this must have been a custom designed home. (Or, possibly, they modified an existing state park nature center plan.) One way or another, a few of the dimensions got a smidge off, somewhere in the process.  Example #1: The master bathroom is wide-open to the master bedroom, and to be specific, the big bathtub actually extrudes into the bedroom area about 6 inches.  Perfect if you ever wanted to bathe in your bedroom.


To remedy that, I believe we’d eventually pull out that tub and reorganize that whole side of the bathroom, likely adding a wall and a door in the process.  Not a huge deal, but still kinda odd.

Example #2:  The little hallway formed between that big bathtub and the rest of the bathroom area is way too little. We measured it at 1’11” at the narrowest point. Good thing both August and I are slim, because this one will be the hardest to fix.


And finally, probably the primary reason that this house sat on the market for so long…. The bedroom walls don’t go all the way to the ceiling.



How weird is that?  Weird enough to send most potential buyers running for the hills.  Dealing with this is first on our list. Although we could just play it like the Waltons (“Goodnight John-boy”), we will most likely finish them on up to the ceiling before we even move it.  The above picture is in the master, but its the same situation in the other two bedrooms.


Filling that space in will lessen the lovely feeling of openness, the daylighting splashed across the ceiling, and so forth.  And it probably won’t be a simple fix at all because there are several different angles, ceiling heights, and moldings to deal will.  But, I am struggling to figure out how we could possibly convince Ransom that its bed time if he can still see light on his own ceiling.

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6 responses to “New House – The Bad”

  1. Jennifer Taylor says :

    Evidently, as per some renovations I’ve seen on HGTV, a tub in the bedroom is a *feature*.

  2. Aunt Elsa says :

    I really like this house! It could be really cool in the summer with the open ceiling and IF those skylight/windows open? I thought I saw a handle or crank, maybe. Is the garden planted right now? Get ready for a fall garden: I have Romaine, red curly and two other lettuces to share with ya’ll. I am a compulsive seed saver.

    • Mary-Hall says :

      The garden isn’t planted, I don’t think. We’ve been negotiating this deal since before the planting season started… A fall garden sounds lovely.

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