New House – The Ugly

Wowzers, what a week huh.  As I sit here in a quiet house I am hopeful and prayerful that this coming week will be a little less eventful than the last one.

On the home front, we are still progressing with the sale, a little bit slowly but that’s okay.  Slow and steady wins the race?  So here’s the last installment of my new house tour.  I’ve covered the good and the bad which just leaves – the ugly.  Gotta love the ugly stuff – these are the parts that are most rewarding to fix.

At the top of my ‘ugly’ list are the light fixtures rather prominently hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen/laundry/dining/living room.  Yeah not so much love for them.  They will likely be changed out if we do take possession of the place.


With what?  I have no idea.  Something cool, maybe a bit industrial, big glass globes.  I read somewhere that when you live with little kids, you should have fun with the light fixtures because its the one thing they can’t easily destroy.  I totally get that.

What about this old beast? There’s nothing pretty about a woodburning stove. However, it might be useful. I’ve never lived with one so I will at least give her one winter to prove her value before yanking her out.


And finally, considering the overall aesthetic everywhere else, the ceiling fan situation out on the otherwise lovely screen porch is quite… unexpected.

Meet Crazy-Multi-Colored-Fan-#1 and its hard-partyin’ cousin Crazy-Pastel-Multi-Colored-Fan-#2.


These two are currently hanging out right next to each other. If I have my say, they will accompany each other right out the back door together, never to return again. And until they go, I will keep them on at full speed so the rainbow of colors is blurred beyond recognition.

Wishing you all a peaceful week! I promise to blog about something besides moving next.


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6 responses to “New House – The Ugly”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Momma Daniel here – Sorry for no comments on “the good” and “the bad;” just haven’t had much time lately. Congratulations on your potential new home. I think you’ll have lots of fun with both the house and the property. Now, regarding “the ugly,” when I was a newlywed, wood-burning stoves were very much “in” (during the Mother Earth era). I’m wondering if maybe the brightly colored fan came out of some former “little boy’s” room and pastel fan may have come from “little girl’s” room. I also wonder whether the flip sides of the blades contain the other’s colors (bright on one side, pastel on the other) Have you climbed a ladder to check it out? At least until you ditch them, maybe you could match them! Anyway, it appears you have some DIY projects in your future. Have fun!

    • Mary-Hall says :

      Hey Mrs B, I’ve been thinking about you and your mom. Hope y’all are finding some kind of new balance and peace.

  2. Dad says :

    Hey, Punkin. I always enjoy reading your humorous posts. Be sure and check with your insurance company about the wood stove. They sometimes “go ape” over them because of the increased incidence of home fires caused by these innocent little energy savers. We can certainly stock it, if your insurance company can live with it. We have more wood available than we can burn and multiple chain saws to get it with. So check that out and come up with a plan.

    • Mary-Hall says :

      Strangely enough, neither of the insurance companies I’ve talked to so far care a hill-of-beans about the stove. So, for now we’re going to leave it as is.

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      Hey Mr. Bobby! If you still have spare wood available, Keith and I would love to grab some on one of our trips through Columbus to keep our backyard fire pit in business next fall! It’s one of our favorite past-times when it’s cool at night. Light a firepit fire, invite a few friends over and chat until we are all exhausted. We cut down two small trees to build our new chicken coop and saved those trunks…so now we have wood for, oh, like 2 fires. haha.

      • Anonymous says :

        Bethany– we can cover your wood needs — no problem! The transportation will be the hassle, but you’ve got that covered, so come on down! We need to figure out a storage place that you can get to — will work on that.

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