Foto Friday: Epic Tour of Hinds County

One Happy Friday recently, Bethany and I had a mini-reunion, that I’m going to memorialize right now in its entirety. 

First Ransom and I met her at a coffee house near our old digs in the Fondren district of Jackson, MS.  Bethany got her old standard – a peach yogurt smoothie.  I got my fav ‘local honey iced coffee’.

Then we walked over to the “Rainbow Grocery”, a place that makes Whole Foods look like a Super-Walmart.  We oogled the castile soap, looked for organic chicken feed, and bought Ransom $2 worth of dried cherries.  Which he devoured.  Then we dropped that kiddo off with his daddy and headed off for more adventures.

Bethany wanted to see the new house, so we did a couple of drive-by’s.  (We’re still just under-contract, 2 more weeks to go! Or more, who knows.)  In lieu of touring the house, I offered to give her a tour of the city.  And by city, I mean “hamlet”.  Population 2,000.  But seriously, as you are about to see, our future hamlet city is the most adorable thing ever.

First off, like any self-respecting Southern city, it has a square.  But this little city kicks it up a notch by have a picture-perfect water tower right in the middle.


We *think* we saw a couple of film assistants walking around scouting locations, and I can’t say I blame them.  There are scene-worthy views around every corner.  How ’bout this courthouse?


How ’bout this adorable Catholic church?  I think it was built in 1880 or something.


We walked through the tiniest Sunflower on the planet.  Totally adorable.  Next up, dinner at the brand new Taco Del Mar.  Let me list the extent of dining option in the little town, besides Taco Del Mar:  To-go hibachi place, Sonic, Subway, a local greasy spoon, and Pizza Hut.  I believe the church-to-restaurant ratio may be slightly off.  There are a bunch of churches, so just where do these good folks eat for Sunday lunch?  Home? Heavens.

Okay.  We’re not done yet.

After dinner we drove back through the campus of Mississippi College, Bethany’s alma mater.  Driving past the science building, Bethany just couldn’t contain herself.  We had to go in.  Luckily a young lad in the lobby thought we looked trustworthy and let us in the building at 8pm on a Friday night.

As we wandered through the halls, who should pass but Bethany’s old advisor, working late obviously.  He was SUPER excited to see her and insisted on giving us a tour of the entire new biology building.

Oh yeah, ps, Bethany, the personal assistant by day and freelance violinist by night, has a B.S. in Biology.

So we are ducking in and out of fancy new labs, checking out the fan-tabulous light switches, and so forth, when we finally reach the pinnacle of the tour.  Good thing Bethany took a photo because there are no words:

cadaversOkay, some words.  Bethany and Dr Advisor are having this really excited discussion of how awesome all this is.  I’m having an internal dialog that goes something like:

“Did they just bring me in a room with a bunch of dead bodies?”

“Could there be any other logical explanation for why those white bags are shaped like bodies?”

“What just happened here?”

The answer are: Yes, they did.  No there isn’t.  And I have no idea.  The END.

Not really, we went back to the original coffee shop to brainstorm on blog stuff and take pictures of our bangs.  Bethany had another peach yogurt smoothie (badly made this time) and I had a hot tea. A full day. HAPPY WEEKEND Y’ALL!



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  1. Anonymous says :

    You gals are too cute!

  2. Anonymous says :

    Momma Daniel says: Nobody can ever say you two lead dull lives! From exotic-sounding refreshments to historic architecture to cadavers – and all in one day – keep having as many adventures as you can!

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