Brazil Bound…almost

Today I left for Brazil. Thanks to mechanical issues with not one but two planes, I did not arrive in Brazil. That won’t happen until tomorrow. But I did make it as far as Miami, Florida, so that’s better than nothing. I guess.

I’ve been longing for an opportunity to sail down the Amazon river on a boat since 2005 when a friend at the hospital where I worked did just that and made the mistake of showing his photos to me. I totally took the bait way back then, and the hook was set last fall when I started hearing my boss Kelly Minter talk about her trips there. I’ve been praying for an opportunity to go and then two months ago this trip came together and I was able to join in.

I’m not entirely sure what is going to happen. I know we’ll be doing crafts with kids. And our nurse, Cassie, will be doing some mini mobile clinics. And Kelly and I have our guitar and violin in tow for some jungle worship action. We will be sleeping in hammocks. Beyond that, I’m rolling with the punches.

And boy, were there some punches today. Flight delays resulting in missed connections and I’m writing this from my hotel room in Miami where American Airlines put us up for the night and bought us (most of our) dinner.

The team is an amazing group and I’m already so excited to serve alongside them. Everyone has something unique to bring to the table and they are all just really fun folks to be with. I cannot think of a better group to be navigating travel delays with.

While I know I’ll have amazing stories and photos for you all, unlike my trips to Mexico, Kenya and India, I’m going to be going off-grid on this one. I didn’t even bring my laptop and I’m blogging via my iPhone ap tonight. However, there will be some updating of the JMI twitter feed and Facebook account in case you want to see how the trip is going. You can check those out by visiting the following links:


Twitter: (@JMInternational)

There’s been so much going on this week too that I’ve not even had time to tell you all about. Keith went to Kenya and returned home, the chickens are still not quite one big happy family with Beverly Clucky, my mom came to town and we organized the house, hiked, and went toy the zoo and then I shopped for camping gear for the Brazil trip with my good friends Alexis and Jason who just happened to be in town and just happen to be outdoor gear junkies. (The sentence “you should buy that…this Swede that we met when we were hiking in Patagonia recommended it” actually came out of their mouths whilst shopping). Whew. So much.

So if you pray, I’d be grateful for you to include the following things in your prayers. And if you don’t pray, but would like to make an exception and pray for these things I would be even more humbled.

*Safety for the group as we travel.
*That each of us would find ways to use our unique giftings to make this trip a success.
*That there would be ample opportunities to serve the people we encounter by treating them with dignity and kindness and meeting physical needs where we can.
*That information gained on this trip will help shape the future of the work being done in the Amazon.
*For the families and friends (and awesome house-sitters!!) we leave behind.

Mary-Hall will keep you entertained with a few blogs up her sleeve this week and ill give you a full report when I return.

Grace and peace.

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2 responses to “Brazil Bound…almost”

  1. Mary-Hall says :

    So excited for you. Praying for fruitful endeavors for all you guys!

  2. Anonymous says :

    Better a rough start than a rough return – and hopefully from here on, everything will go like clockwork – and if it doesn’t, how great that you’re with a “bunch of fun folks” who can go with the flow. I’ll definitely be praying for all of you and will share your requests with FCPC.

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