2013 Swimsuit Fashions

In a hilarious twist of fate, my most popular entry on this blog is about swimsuits of all things.  (Its #3 overall, Bethany has #1 and #2 with paleo recipes.) Don’t click through, its underwhelming.  Nevertheless, we entertain strangers via Google searching for this topic regularly.

Hello, strangers! Welcome to our blog about everything besides swimsuit fashions.

However, I just got back from spending a glorious 7 days in Destin, FL.  Thus I will once again don my swimsuit fashion critic hat so that you all can stay current.  {Read all this in sarcastic tone – I am NO sort of fashion person.}

First, since I brought it up, I would like to announce that I still love that blouson swimsuit I bought last year.  LOVE it.  Also, I didn’t see a single one on the shores besides mine.  So…. trend officially over.  whomp whomp.  You’ve been warned.  (I’ll be wearing mine till the stitching comes loose. And, the stitching is holding up just fine, BTdubs.)

I saw several ladies sporting a style similar to the following.  Let’s title it the ‘Ruffle Triangle Bikini Top’ style.

ruffle_bikiniRuffle tops – Not as simple as they look.

Girlfriend, let me tell you, I saw NO ONE pulling this look off well – AT ALL.  I suspect you need to be bone and/or rail thin to pull it off, and even then you need to stay out of the water because those ruffles don’t look so hot when they’re wet.  Fact.

One other notable development for 2013 was the throwback fringe bikini tops.  Cool high school / college girls were sporting this one in all colors.  I’m not sure this trend translates to the 30-with-a-kid demographic and I’ll never know because I’m already committed to wearing my blouson tankini for the next three years.

fringe_bikiniFringe tops work out better, IMHO.

And one more trend for 2013 – graphic prints.  Preferably quirky little items like birds or bicycles.  I saw two separate fashionable-looking chicas rocking this super cute number:


Guess where it came from? Wal-Mart.  $6.46.  Yup.  I’m as shocked as you are.  Now I wish I’d given those girls high-fives for being even more awesome.

Here’s a shot of the cutest swimsuit I saw the entire week.

laylaMaybe I’m biased because the model is none other than my tiny niece Layla.

Ladies, keep it classy with a simple navy blue print and accessorize with pink sunglasses and a matching shovel.

Seriously my niece is the most adorable thing you’ve ever ever seen.

This concludes your fashion memo for swimming in 2013.  I will do my best to get 2014’s update to you a bit earlier next year, so you can all shop with confidence.

And also, when can I go back to the beach??

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4 responses to “2013 Swimsuit Fashions”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Momma Daniel appreciates the fashion tips! I’ll be sure to avoid the triangle-ruffles for my serious swims. 🙂 Please include ideas for the over-60 set in next year’s installment. I’m with you about sticking with what you love until the stitching wears out. I recently had to retire a favorite when I went to don it and could see light shining through the seat. Fortunately, I had only been wearing it at the one-person-at-a-time endless pool at CORE Fitness. And your niece IS ADORABLE! So glad you enjoyed your vacation!

  2. Ally Kite Hawkins says :

    This was awesome! You are hilarious : )

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