Putting my best shoe forward…

Even though I’m not in school anymore and don’t have any kids, it seems even I am not immune to the “Back-To-School” fever that has swept the city of Nashville by storm (kids here went for a half a day last Thursday and had their first full day of school today).  School zone traffic is back down the street from us and I don’t even want to talk about the chaos that existed when I went to buy something at the office supply store yesterday.  My niece, who is quite the 12-year-old-fashionista texted me video tutorials yesterday of hairstyles for her “back-to-school look.”

Mary-Hall and I rarely do fashion posts, which might seem comical for a blog written by two girls.  The reason for this is that while we aren’t completely in need of a “What Not To Wear” makeover, we aren’t exactly turning heads on the NY Fashion scene catwalks either.   I’d say we take a fairly practical approach to how we dress and that our criteria for choosing clothing loosely adheres to the following guidelines.

*it’s comfortable.

*we like how it looks.

*it’s JUST current/trendy enough that we don’t look sloppy/weird/embarrassing to those around us.

*we got it on sale/otherwise inexpensively

As I thought about all this school clothes shopping business, it occurred to me that I do have a “back-to” season upon me that I should probably prepare for: Women’s Event Travel Season.  During the workweek, I work from home, and even when I have a meeting with my boss or other work-related errand, running shorts and my favorite tee shirt are totally acceptable attire. But on the weekends, I’m a road-manager and a violinist which means that I can’t roll out of bed and go.  I have to look professional and put-together, cute enough to jump on stage and play violin or be the face of the merchandise table, but comfortable enough to be able to carry heavy boxes of books, set up sound equipment, or run through the airport to catch a flight when inevitably returning the rental car took about 30 minutes longer than it should have.

So how does one choose an outfit that meets all these needs?  Careful planning.  And over-packing.  Last year I narrowed it down to about 2 outfits that worked which was perfect because most events that I work are 2 days events.  But that also meant that by May when travel season ended, my boss and I had to laugh because we knew exactly what the other person was going to show up wearing.  And while that will probably happen again this, year, I figure I can at least start off with a few new digs, and the most important part to me of an outfit is the shoes.   If my feet aren’t comfortable, then I’m not comfortable.  There is nothing worse than soaking one’s blistered and bleeding toes in a hotel bathtub at night and then having to put on the same dreaded shoes the next morning and do it all again.

Last year’s event footwear choices were excellent and I plan on using them again this year.  But I’m also excited about two new choices for this year, so I’ll give you all four below.

Fall 2012/Spring 2013 Shoe Love2206732-p-MULTIVIEW

The “Gamer” boot by MaddenGirl  in the “Natural Paris” color was my favorite Spring travel friend and I can’t wait to pull them out of the closet again.  At only $70 full price, they’ll break hearts…but not feet or wallets, and I waited until I had a 15% off plus free shipping coupon from DSW to pull the trigger so they were even less.  Super comfy and trendy, they look great with jeans and any top you can think of.  I only laced mine halfway and wrapped the remaining laces around the outside of the boot for an easy-in-and-out for airport security lines.1482257-p-MULTIVIEW

After falling in love with these Frye Melissa Back Button boots in “Grey Antique Soft Full Grain” online, but refusing to pay the $368 or more that everyone from Zappos to Amazon were charging, I started watching Ebay like a champ and landed a nearly new pair for $125 including shipping which made getting them that much sweeter.  They not only look great with jeans, but also with cute dresses and skirts making them as super versatile as they are comfortable.  My only complaint is that they aren’t great for the TSA line at the airport and they take up lots of suitcase space if you choose not to wear them on the plane.  But they will always be my first boot-love, in fact, just writing about them makes me want to go slip them on and walk around the house.

Fall 2013/Spring 2014 Shoe Love

w-natural-chambray-desert-wedge-h-sp13Remember when all TOMS made were their basic canvas slip on? (Which I still love).  Well, last week I found this pair of Desert Wedges in Natural Burlap in the window of the Shi by Journeys shoe store and as soon as I put them on my feet, I knew it was love.  Online you can find them for anywhere between $70 and $85, but I paid much less as there was a sale that day (of course).  The natural fibers make them casual, the Wedge heel makes them dressy yet walkable and the low laces and hidden built-in elastic on the tongue make them flying-friendly.  I’ve already worn them about 10 times and have yet to not attract compliments on them from friends and strangers.  Plus….every pair of TOMS contributes to a good cause, so what’s not to like?

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 2.17.47 PM

Last we have the only pair on today’s post that isn’t actually part of my wardrobe yet, the Sonic Bootie by Bed Stu.  I’ve tried on several pairs of Bed Stu boots and love that they are known for their comfort and durability.  I’ve not tried this particular pair on yet so there’s always the possibility that once I put them on, they won’t be all I hope they will be, but I’m so drawn to them.  The low, chunky heel, the vintage looking leather, the zipper on the inside ankle.  Love Love.  The price point is higher than the TOMS or the MaddenGirl booties, but lower than the Frye boots for sure, and since the look is classic and the shoes are well made, it’s the kind of footwear that you can plan on using for years to come.  And with a name like “Sonic Bootie” I’m feeling like they could keep up with my fast pace (either that, or make my backside look like I’ve eaten too many tater-tots and slushies…but I’m going with the former).

What are you guys wearing on your feet this Fall?  I think Mary-Hall has a few ideas that are sure to be shoe-in’s (womp womp) for her closet, but I’ll let her tell you about all that in a later post.


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5 responses to “Putting my best shoe forward…”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Momma Daniel loves your current and new boot choices almost as much as the 46 year old cowboy boots. Wish Saucony made boots!

  2. Mary-Hall says :

    Uncomfortable shoes are the worst! That last pair is insane. Love the leather so much.

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      The WORST. You know I’m not one to splurge, but jeans and shoes are the two things that I feel are worth dropping some $$$ on. Good ones last you forever. Bad ones, well….bad news. Sadly, I have yet to find an Anthro store that has them in stock. Neither Nashville location (we have a store as well as an accessory store at a separate location), Jackson MS or Birmingham carry them. MUST. TRY. THEM. ON. MY. FEET.

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