Stuff I Bought From The Internet

Somebody find a kazoo, I’m officially 31 today.  Where oh where does the time go?

In the interest of birthdays and Frivolous Fridays (I just made that up), I thought it would be fun to share a couple of things I’ve purchased online recently.  Online shopping is my new thing.  Its much easier than truckin’ into town, but I think it actually takes longer and the instant gratification isn’t… instant.  Some places come close with cheap or free next-day shipping.

First, actually as a direct result of reading Bethany’s shoe post on Monday, I spent my birthday money on a pair of rain boots.  I almost bought some Target cheapos weeks ago, but remembered that it was almost my birthday and decided to go big.  My new thing is that all purchases should be loved (by me), beautiful, functional, well-made, classic, and perfect.  (And on sale.)  That’s all.  So perfect rain boots?  I set my sights on original black wellies from Hunter.  These retail for $140, which seems high for yard shoes but they get good reviews and they’re from the UK so must be worth it.  Plus they look so classy.

Following Bethany’s story about the Ebay Fryes, I popped over to check Ebay and whatdayaknow.. there was a pair of green ones in my size, ending in 5 MINUTES, with a decent starting price and no bids.  UGH.  I am not good at quick decisions but I google’d it and found this:


Well heck, if Princess Di wore them, then obviously I’m headed down the right track.  The sale price was $90 with shipping which is still kind of a lot in my world, but my birthday money from Granny covered a chunk of it.  They’re not here yet, but should arrive tomorrow. Here’s the stock photo instead:


Happy Birthday to me!  Looking forward to less ant-bites on the toes, and being more stylish in general while picking tomatoes.

And secondly, and much more spendy, that couch I deliberated over for weeks and then finally purchased showed up yesterday.  This was NOT a birthday present, but it sure feels like it due to the timing.  Look at it, that rich brown leather, the danish mid-century vibe..


It’s as pretty as it was on the Restoration Hardware website.  I think I do love it.  Its classic, and it was on sale {slightly}.  Its a little shorter than I realized, because the “pillows” are fixed in place, so its maybe not AS functional as hoped.  I’m gonna give it a week or so before the final verdict, although I don’t even want to think about how you return a couch.  Is that even possible?

I think I need to shift it over to the wall too.  Oh but what about the rug.. There’s no rug by the wall.  New rug?  And so on.  #don’tevermoveagain

Happy Weekend, Peeps!


I spoke about 10 minutes too soon.  They came! Happy birthday to me, indeed.

hunter boots

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5 responses to “Stuff I Bought From The Internet”

  1. Emily says :

    My first Christmas with Reid he got me a pair of Muck Boots. I guess he knew I was a keeper. 🙂 And that couch is gorgeous.

    • Mary-Hall says :

      Well duh. I think that was probably pretty obvious, Emily. And we’re totally keeping the couch, I just need major help with the rest of the room.

  2. William says :

    Hey There-
    Do you know the name of the color of leather you bought your R. Hardware sofa in? Is it by chance “Old Saddle Chestnut”? The sofa looks moderately glossy, not too matte, in your photo of it. Does the leather scratch/mark real easily? I rent to a RH store and they didn’t have an “Old Saddle Chestnut” leather swatch, just a normal Chestnut swatch and normal Chestnut was super matter, super scratch-able, super raw, no sheen whatsoever. I ordered a swatch of Old Saddle Chestnut and am hoping it looks/shines like your sofa!

    • Mary-Hall says :

      Hi William – Mine is “Old Saddle Chestnut” because that’s what RH had in stock for this sofa. All the other leathers required custom order and a 3 month wait, which was longer than I could handle. I actually ordered a swatch of it too, just because it was free. The leather is beautiful, and my pic up there is pretty accurate to real life. It does have some sheen, and is not raw. It actually does scratch somewhat easily. I’m not sure if this is the norm for leather sofas or not. My 3-yr old put a couple of pretty big scratches in it using his toenails, big enough that I kinda gasped. But actually they sort of wore in and aren’t even that noticeable now. I think the sofa is developing a “patina” as they say. The other thing I would say is that the swatch I got was actually a tad darker than the sofa. The sofa looks pretty much just like the picture on RH’s website did. Hope that helps!!

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