How (Not To) Use Craigslist

Good thing Bethany is carrying the blog these days with coherent and meaningful posts.  (Go HERE to enter her birthday book giveaway which is ending in like, 2 hours). And then I come along on Friday with something mildly humorous and fairly useless. Alas. Last Friday I showed you my new couch, and FYI we are definitely keeping it.  However, we could still use several more furniture items in the Johnson residence.  Couple that with our new ‘no tv household’ status, and what I’m left with is a LOT of time to browse Craigslist.

Oh Craigslist, you addicting beast.  I bought and then sold all our home furnishings in Colorado with lots of success and very little drama.  And now in Mississippi, well its just not the same.  And yet I still spend at least a couple hours a week perusing what’s for sale here.  I love a good treasure hunt, but sometimes enough is enough.

So, listen up Mississippi craigslist’ers (who certainly don’t read this blog.. unfortunately), here is what you are doing wrong.  {Read this in kind of a condescending, know-it-all voice.}

#1)  Don’t repost your junk every single day! 

Seriously I get the worst deja vu because you will find the same listings reposted, day after day after day. Give us all a few days in between re-posts, and consider dropping the price when you do.

This is one of my favs.  It gets reposted like, every other day.  Why is no one snatching it up?


Well, for starters its an ‘elk mount’ for sale in the Furniture category.  And for two, its got to be the ugliest elk mount ever.  Consider these images, a real elk and a real cow, and you decide what’s going on with the $275 ‘elk mount’.


Seller, just give it up.  Find yourself a different way to make $275.

#2) Don’t overprice it!  Craigslist is for good deals, not retail pricing, especially for used furniture.  Especially used ugly furniture.

Example:  This massively brown sectional..  So classy. You will need a rather large house, that’s for sure.  $800? I wish you all the luck in the world, seller.


Seriously, ugly used couches have approximately no value.  Just sayin.

#3) You really have to post a picture. 

Nobody buys anything off craigslist that doesn’t have a picture.  Don’t try to squeak by with a ‘text me for pictures’ line in the description either. BTW, if you have a picture on your phone, technology will probably allow you to attach it to the Craiglist listing, one way or another.

I love this guy.  He started the title of his post with ‘LOOK’ and yet, what are we supposed to look at?


#4) You also need to use words.

A picture is required but ya know, words are also important.  Buyers will use that little search box to search for specific words, so you may get more views if you put in a good description.  Color, shape, genre, style are biggies for searches.  Condition and size are also really nice.


#5) Know what Craigslist is good for and what its not. 

If you have something that’s really valuable, then Craigslist really isn’t probably the best venue.  I mean, it is FREE to use.  Example:

A $9k globe?  What is the point of reposting this thing (See #1) all the time?  Nobody looking at Craiglist is looking for a $9K globe, and you’re just clogging up my computer screen.  You might want to try an antique dealer of some sort.  Or maybe that pawn shop in Vegas on the History channel… Just throwin’ that out there, but I can promise you, your average collector of really expensive globes is not perusing the Mississippi craiglist.

globeCraiglist is for stuff that’s too big to sell on ebay, that you don’t want anymore, that you don’t mind selling for a smidge less than its worth to have someone come to your house and take it away from you.  K?


Seriously Craigslist can be the best thing ever and I am only telling you this out of love.  So let’s get it together, okay Jackson?  I’ll still be here lurking to snatch up those deals whenever you’re ready.

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5 responses to “How (Not To) Use Craigslist”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Momma Daniel says:
    Your post gave me my much-needed laugh-of-the-day. I recently sold my first item on North MS Craigslist – to someone visiting from Arkansas! Kudos to you and August on your “no t.v. status!”

  2. bethanybordeaux says :

    Ok… my friend Erin recently sold her breast-pump on Craigslist. She got a little creative with her ad. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. I just tried to re-post it here but she deleted it already. I’ll see if I can convince her to send it to me.

  3. Jennifer Taylor says :

    Another rule of Craigslist is that people who go through the effort of posting an item, even with pictures and descriptions and external links, don’t actually want to sell it. So when you reply to their email, “hey, I want your item and I’m going to hand you cold hard cash for it,” logically they never reply to you. #petpeeve

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