And the winner is……

So it’s Saturday morning already and the results of the Annie Downs double-book-giveaway are in!!!  We loved all the comments and book recommendations…for sure the best crop of comments we’ve had in a while.  But, in this game, there can only be one winner

…and that winner is…..


yay, Leslie!  She slid her entry last night in just under the wire with the shortest comment of them all, but takes home the gold anyway.  Leslie….check your email inbox…all we need is your mailing address so we can send a little “Perfectly Unique” and “Speak Love” your way next week.

For everyone else…thanks so much for participating in our first-ever giveaway.  If you still want to check out the books, you can pre-order Speak Love here (it releases next Tuesday, August 20th!) and purchase Perfectly Unique here.  I promise they are amazing and while they are aimed at girls ages 13-18….but I always say they are great for ANY girl who was once a teen.

Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun!  We loved having ya’ll come by.  Enjoy your weekend…and if you somehow missed Mary-Hall’s hilarious post on the woes of Mississippi’s Craigslist site yesterday, you should check that out here.

See ya’ll Monday!


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