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My Monday morning scene.  Chickens, chairs and coffee....much cheaper than therapy.

My Monday morning scene. Chickens, chairs and coffee….much cheaper than therapy.

If ever there was a day that my soul needed to start off with a cuppajoe and a few Psalms, it’s today.  If ever there was a day where I absolutely did not have time to sit down and drink a cuppajoe and read a few Psalms, that day is also today.  And it’s making me miss my time at the monastery when I was able to just be still and pray and read and enjoy God’s creation.  But amidst all this busy-ness, I decided to make myself sit and be still for a few minutes to write this blog post and to pray for the week to come.

It’s crazy around here.  Jane the chicken has an eye infection.  Saturday, I drove 7 hours to help host a baby shower for my six-and-a-half-month-pregnant college bestie, and then turned around and drove the 7 hours right back home yesterday.  I’m taking a violin lesson in exactly one hour from now.  I have plans tonight.  I have an audition tomorrow night.  I have an all-day rehearsal Wednesday.  I have a full-time job.  You do not want to see the mountain of laundry piled up in the laundry-room right now.  And my sweet co-blogger is also swamped…in fact, she’s on a work-trip right now, so everyone is feeling busy.  Good-busy, but busy nonetheless.

Have you ever seen “Pawn Stars” or one of those other shows where people bring interesting trinkets in to sell?  It cracks me up every time because the people who run the pawn shop always say “Um, that’s really cool but I have no idea if it’s real/what it’s worth.  Let me call my buddy who knows all about this exact genre of random item and he’ll come by and look at it.”  And Keith and I always laugh at how he has “a buddy” who knows about every exact weird thing on the planet.  Well, I’m about to do that to you sort of.  When we were at the Abbey, one of my favorite spots was to curl up in these “monk chairs” in the garden.  They were so unique looking and so amazingly comfortable.  Ergonomic, simple, stylish; I wanted some.  So we took photos and then we called “Keith’s buddy” Ryan who happens to be an amazing furniture maker on the side.  We sent Ryan the photos, he worked his custom-build magic, and this weekend on my drive, I swung by his workshop and picked up our very own monk chairs.

I’m not sure where in the landscape of our backyard they will land, but for now, they’re on the deck so I can sit in them and write this blog and watch the chickens scratching around for bugs and weeds.  It’s funny.  I’ve only been here ten minutes, but already I just feel calmer and more prepared to take on the day.  Maybe part of productivity is knowing how to prepare yourself.  And I know that I need a moment of peace and prayer and a good cup of coffee to gear up for the day.  And a healthy dose of chicken-hilarity.  (Louisa had a shiny new egg waiting for us when we got up, and Jane just toddled up the ramp into the henhouse squawking, so we should have a second egg today in just a few minutes).

So I pray all of your Monday’s are off to respective good starts no matter what that looks like.  If you dropped your kids off for the first day of school this morning, if you went to work at a job you’ve been doing for the past ten years, if you’re still nestled under the covers willing yourself to Just. Get. Out. Of. Bed.  Take a moment.  Find your “monk chair” and relax and be thankful for all that is going on.  And then get out there and live life to the fullest.

photo 1

custom-made monk chair. If you want your own, leave me a comment and I’ll get you in touch with our carpenter friend.

photo 2

monk-chairs from the back and side. so simple, and so comfy.

P.S.  If you live in the Greensboro, North Carolina area, I’m playing my first solo violin show at Hope Chapel THIS SATURDAY, AUGUST 24TH, 2013.  It’s free and open to the public and my back-up band is crazy good so you should come.  Would love to see you there!  I’ll be the girl with the violin.


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