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We’ve had our new place for nearly three months now. I’ve shared various tours of the indoors (here’s one) and I’ll put up more pics as we sort out the interior situation, but progress is slooooow.   So for today, I’ll take you on a tour of the grounds.

We are kind of remotely located now, but we’re really loving it – all members of the family including the dog who couldn’t be happier.  Everything is so peaceful and serene.  We have ivy covered trees, lighting bugs, and the neighbors’ roosters crowing off in the distance.  Here’s a shot of the driveway I took early one morning.  I think the gravel is one of my favorite parts… Its so wholesome.


This guy used to greet you by the driveway.  I guess he was the previous owner’s ‘scare crow’, but he wasn’t in the garden.  Alas, we pulled him out of the ground last week.  Can you believe it took me 3 months to do it?  So creepy.


Near the house we have a greenhouse.  Its sitting right in some large ivy-covered oak trees, so I’m not sure how much sun it actually gets.  It should get more in the winter after the leaves fall, but for now we have a 100% shady greenhouse.  The siding & roof could stand to be replaced.


But I kinda like it.  It has potential I think.  Potential to become a dog house?  Guest room?  Sewing room?  I’m just kidding, but really what am I going to do with a greenhouse.  It has water, electricity, and a propane heater.


Beyond the greenhouse stands the “Shop”.  Here we keep the lawnmower, tractor, tools, and whatever else that needs a home.  I don’t mind the gray but the maroon accents aren’t really my thing.


Ransom stores his truck here too.  Shenanigans like this occur in the yard regularly.


Past the “shop” is the “shed”.  The inside of the shed is still mostly bare, except for the construction of Ransom’s (sssssssh) birthday present.  Just what we need – another outbuilding.  He’s gonna love it though.


And behind everything, we have a small fish pond.  This is a great place for quick fishing trips, and to get Abby some exercise.  She loves to swim.  The fish are all tiny though, and we think overpopulated.  So, there’s probably some work to be done here in the future as well.

IMG_2864I skipped the garden but there’s nothing too exciting going on in there right now.  Its not even terribly overgrown because we figured out how to get the lawn mower inside the fence.  Hurrah!

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3 responses to “Yard Tour”

  1. margo baldoceda says :

    Your house must be paradise!!!! I love the info about the chickens!!! You will
    have many years of blessings in that house!

    • Mary-Hall says :

      Thanks Mrs B. I definitely think this place was ‘the one’ for us. And we are leaning towards getting our own chicken flock in a few months, so the chicken posts may double in frequency. Hope you’re doing well!!

  2. Anonymous says :

    What a fun place for you, August, and RANSOM. He looks like an authentic “country kid” in his truck. Enjoy these special years!

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