A little family, a little music, a little fender-bender…

Last Friday Keith and I flew to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit with his dad and stepmom.  With our busy schedules and the miles in between us, we sometimes only get to see them at Thanksgiving, so having a weekend to go visit was quite the treat.  My mom was able to get away that weekend as well, so we met her in the airport in Atlanta and she flew with us to Raleigh…the first time we’d been on a plane together since I was 14!  (I had to laugh as she obediently pulled out the safety card and read through it during the flight attendants’ demonstration, commenting on how the pictorial guide was actually super confusing…..)  We had a great Friday night eating dinner together and then walking around the Sarah P. Duke memorial garden at Duke University.  Such a beautiful place.


A view of the coy pond and steps from a little overlook. So peaceful!


I was so excited that this great blue heron let me get this close! I was only about 10 feet away when I took this shot.


My mom and I in front of one of the fountains. (Why yes, those ARE the boots I mentioned wanting a few posts ago! They were a birthday gift from my sweet husband and I LOVE them!)


The chicken coop at the learning garden. My favorite spot!

Keith's dad explains the fine art of tobacco picking.

Keith’s dad explains the fine art of tobacco picking whilst looking all Little Shop of Horrors.  (“Feeeeeed me Seymour, feed me!”)

A few months ago a group of folks from the Greensboro Outback America chapter asked if I would be interested in coming to town and playing a concert of my own.  While I’ve had lots opportunities to play in bands of other musicians, with symphonies and even played solo recital pieces growing up, I’ve never had my own full-length show.  The idea of it was as exhilarating as it was intimidating, but after a few months of planning and practice, I was beyond excited to “get the show on the road.”  Saturday morning, my mom stayed in Raleigh for some more hang time with Keith’s family, while Keith and I headed about an hour away to pick my band up from the airport.  After an amazing lunch at the Boba House, we were on our way to Hope Chapel where the concert was going to be held that night when we were rear-ended.  Fortunately no one was hurt (although I’m pretty sure the girl who hit me won’t have a car again any time soon.)

Thankfully, this was the other car, although my rental had it's rear bumper "rearranged" pretty good as well.

Thankfully, this was the other car, although my rental had it’s rear bumper “rearranged” pretty severly as well.

The concert that night was truly a dream come true.  Since I started taking violin lessons at age two and a half, I’ve dreamed of getting to play my own show and it’s surreal that last weekend that dream became a reality.  We played 90 minutes of some of my favorite songs: hymn arrangements, bluegrass cover tunes, even one or two classical pieces thrown in for good measure.  I was blessed to share the stage with two top-notch players, my long-time friend Adam Moritz on guitar, and a new friend (who I actually met that morning when I picked him up from the airport) Gabe Dixon on keys.  These guys played their hearts out and made me sound good! It was awesome to have my family there along with some other friends and ministry partners. I loved every second of the show and pray that I’ll have the opportunity to do it again soon.

Showtime!  Concert in Greensboro.

Showtime! Concert in Greensboro.


L to R: Keith’s dad, Keith, me, my mom, and Dreama, Keith’s stepmom. So thankful for such an amazingly supportive family!


Best backup band a girl could have: Adam Moritz (acoustic guitar) & Gabe Dixon (keys)

My family and band all flew/drove back home early Sunday morning but I was able to stay and lead worship with the Hope Chapel praise band for their morning service.  It was such a great instrumentation: two acoustic guitars, steel guitar, upright bass and fiddle.  I was in Heaven.  I also got to spend the afternoon with my sweet friend Caroline and her parents before heading back to Raleigh to catch my flight home.

I don’t know what will happen next in my music path, but I’m so thankful to the Greensboro Outback Men’s group for inviting me to come and play.  You let me fulfill a life dream and I’m grateful for the opportunity to play music for you and your community.


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6 responses to “A little family, a little music, a little fender-bender…”

  1. Mary-Hall says :

    Wow, did that fender bender not send your blood pressure through the roof? I can’t imagine dealing with that on top of your show. Glad Keith was with you!!

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      It was not my favorite thing and it caused me to loose 2 hours of the 4.5 hour rehearsal we had (our ONLY rehearsal) so that wasn’t awesome. But you know. You roll with it. And yes. Having Keith was a bonus. He’s a great road manager. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says :

    I hate we couldn’t make it. I hate it was the same weekend we had a get away for our anniversary. We don’t get those opportunities that often. Maybe we can make it another time. Hope y’all take care.


    • bethanybordeaux says :


      We would have loved to have seen you, but from the looks of your Biltmore photos, etc. you had a pretty great weekend too! So glad you were able to do that! We will see you at the next show! 😉 Love ya’ll!


  3. Anonymous says :

    Momma Daniel says: I had a wonderful, memorable weekend and am grateful for being included in the plans. Thankful that nobody was badly injured in the fender bender (though I expect there were some sore muscles the next day). What a pleasure it was to visit with some lovely people, enjoy a change of scenery, listen to some great music and entertaining stories (and to about burst with pride).

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