Hanson Lovers 4 Life!!!

Sometimes it takes 16 or 17 years for dreams to come true.  I’m talking about these dreams:


Bethany lives in this funny little bubble called Nashville and she knows somebody who knows somebody and long story short, she got asked to man the merchandise table at a Hanson concert this year. (second year in a row actually!)  When she asked me to come up and help out, it took me about 0.7 seconds to decide.  Uh yeah, how could I pass that randomness up?  The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sell hundreds of t-shirts for our old friends, the Hanson brothers.

Look who’s all grown up?

Photo from here

Probably the coolest part is that we got to see and hear a good hour of soundcheck whilst straightening piles of t-shirts.   They played through bits and pieces of several songs, asking for various adjustments to the sound system.  Then they worked on the old Turtles song ‘So Happy Together’ for what seemed like ages.  AGES, And then ps, they didn’t play it during the show.  Probably a good call b/c it didn’t sound awesome.  Here’s a shot of our private-concert-slash-sound-check

photo 2

When the doors opened, all the super hardcore Hanson fanatics came in first of course.  Some of them bought one of every t-shirt, some keychains, buttons, and matchbooks.  By 7:30 the house was packed, with a decently diverse crowd.  And by diverse, I mean 97% women in the 25-35 yrs old age bracket.  And a smattering of husbands and boyfriends.  Here’s our view from the t-shirt booth.

photo 3

The concert was really good.  Very high energy.  They played Mmmbop and a few other songs we know and love from that first mainstream album back in the day.  They did a few acoustic numbers that honestly were really good.  LIke, I would listen to that again.  It was non stop music for a good two hours. And one unexpected thing, the cheers did NOT get notably louder during those old songs, not even Mmmbop.

Speaking of Mmmbop:

Mmmbop was pretty much unchanged from its original radio version (whew!).  Maybe they sang it an octave lower?

Remarkably, I think the audience was filled with actual Hanson fans who do keep up with their new releases and so on.  I do think in general the crowd was still after Hanson as more of a ‘teen idol’ group. Taylor definitely got more screen time than the other two brothers although by now, I would offer that they are all grown up and basically equally attractive?  I guess young love dies hard and the other brothers are probably just fine with the arrangement.  And yes, there were some shrill, blow-your-eardrums, Beetles-on-Ed-Sullivan level screams for sure.

Meanwhile, the people working the t-shirt booth were really not up to speed on current Hanson offerings and were unable to answer any deep questions about any of the products.  Ahem. (Q: What’s on this DVD anyway? A: Why don’t you check out the description on the back?)  So to make up for it, we made this face the entire night.

photo 5

All told, we sold a BUNCH of t-shirts.  A ton of water bottles.  Several matchbooks.  Approximately 4 sets of Hansonopoly.  And at the end of the evening, the road manager announced that we were off by ZERO dollars. Because we are PERFECT merch girls obviously, highly competent at arithmetic.  So yeah, we did right by the Hanson boys.

Oh and guess what? We did get paid a small amount for our time, so you know what that makes us?  Hanson employees.  Blam.



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9 responses to “Hanson Lovers 4 Life!!!”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Momma Daniel here (despite what the comment box calls me). Glad the two Hanson fans of 18 years ago were SO HAPPY TOGETHER selling merch for their teen idols. Those H. boys should be flattered!

  2. Jennifer Taylor says :

    Oh my gosh…I made it through the whole post without incident, but I died when I got to the last picture. <3<3<3 xoxo Hanson 4ever!

  3. Bethany Brown says :

    I always knew there was something innately cool about yall two! And you just moved up like, to the top. I cannot believe I never knew yall were Hanson fans!! Taylor’s initials are STILL carved in the concrete on my parents’ side drive.. haha. So jealous! 😉 I know yall had a blast!! Did y’all get to meet them?

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      wait…..how did i not know that you carved Taylor’s initials into the concrete of your parents’ driveway? this seems like the sort of information you would have filled your LFA big sis in on back in the day. haha. oh my gosh…we were the HUGEST fans. We spent many hours learning all their songs on the piano/xylaphone/drum practice pad, crooning the lyrics at the top of our lungs much to the chagrin of MarHall’s brothers (and all our parents) no doubt.

      Sadly, I’ve worked their show twice now and never gotten to meet them, but the folks I know that have worked for them think very highly of them so I’d have to say that I’m still a fan…even though I don’t listen to their music anymore, I appreciate those in the music business that are good people and haven’t let fame spoil them, so I’m a fan of them in that way now. And heck, they put on a good show, so if you ever get the chance to go, go. 🙂

  4. Bethany Elizabeth says :

    oh, and… I <3'd Prince William too. 🙂

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