Oh Spammers

Something is up on the interwebs this week.  Our blog has been getting a lot of unusual attention.  We normally get 2 – 3 comments per post, of which 97% are from people we know in real life.  But oh this week, something is amiss and we have gotten about 20 in the past two days, all from new readers.  As a responsible blogger, I feel like I shouldn’t be letting all these inquiries go unanswered.


Dear Mustafa,

I appreciate for your comment.  However, I have searched the blog over for a Tip about Bacon and alas, there is none.  Thank you for reminding me to add a search box and also for pointing out a glaring deficiency in our subject matter – Bacon!  We will definitely include more bacon tips going forward.

All the best, Mary


Dear Bill,

What is it like to have two rhyming first names?  Anyway, there is only one other contributor to this site, so I will have to consult with her about her very bad behavior.

Please give our regards to your wife!


Dear Easter,

Clearly, instead of Food Friday or Foto Friday, we need to start a Spelling feature.  For whatever reason, all our dear commenters misspell exactly ONE word.  I believe you meant, “veracity”.   On the other hand, I do like word scramble games.  So keep doing what your doing!


Dear Cassia –

That is quite the tale. Is it possible you have the wrong blog?  Kind of like a wrong number on the phone, but weirder?  Sue is not here, in any case.  On the other hand, best wishes to Dan.  That sounds like a big ordeal, especially including a pub crawl on top of everything else.


Dear Marik –

Bethany and I are practically a bluegrass band ourselves.  Bethany is a professional violinist and I dabble in the banjo.  Please tell Doyle that we are very very disappointed in his behavior.  And also, in my opinion the rap+clowns genre could use some fresh influence following the works of ‘Insane Clown Posse’ so Doyle may actually enjoy great success on that path.


Dear AmAl –

Thank you for the kind words. We are truly flattered. Perhaps you could send us one of the “Top 5% of the Internet” buttons next time. Do those still exist? Although we don’t have the article you mentioned here on this site, it does sound exactly like something we would write. Farm animals are so much fun.

Whew, that’s all I can handle for tonight. We will always strive to answer comments here on this blog, but right now I have an email from the KING OF GHANA to answer.


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3 responses to “Oh Spammers”

  1. Anonymous says :

    M.D. says: Oh dearie me – I’d love to comment, but I know you’re so busy with all your fan mail and I don’t wish to add to your workload! 🙂 Love your responses.

  2. Nattie McKnight says :

    Just what I needed on a Friday morning!

  3. Melissa says :

    I’ve been getting a lot of these too – all on one specific post…so I blocked comments on that one post. It has helped so far!

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