Ransom is 3!

a quick recap of Ransom’s party with a few jaded pinterest asides

Kid birthday parties are one of those areas where you can really just go hog-wild on Pinterest, you know? Like that, hog-wild?  For whatever reason, the wonderful world of Pinterest is kind of getting on my last nerve lately.  I mean, I love it.  Its incredible.  But sometimes those little descriptions like “Pin now read later” just make me want to stab something.  Sorry, but true.  Its all just too much.  I mean really.  Its awesome.  But I feel like its not real life, and I feel like it puts pressure on us ladies to make everything picture perfect like a Martha Stewart magazine shoot.  Maybe its just me feeling that pressure, I don’t know.

I’m standing firm though.  Here is one birthday party recap from which you will pin nothing and that is just fine you know? Three year old boys, at least mine, couldn’t really care less about things like color coordination.

At first I thought we would at least have a theme.  But which one?  He LOVES so many different things right now.  Trucks?  Tractors?  Excavators?  Legos? Shaun the Sheep?  So then I asked him what kind of cake he wanted.  Without any hesitation he immediately came back with “RED AND GREEN“.

Oh perfect.  I’ll bust out the Christmas tree.

I asked him a few more times and he never did waiver, although one time I got “red, green, and pink”.  I did use Pinterest to get him to clarify exactly what he meant by “red and green”, and turns out he meant the cake should be red and the icing should be green.


So, red and green it was. Maybe someday I’ll have a little girl who would love a fancy tea party or some other loveliness.  Heck, maybe I’ll throw my own tea party for grown ups and we’ll use quirky floral china and paper straws and wear little hats like Kate Middleton.  And then I’ll shamelessly pin all my own pictures with captions that say “This girl’s site is full of all the best party ideas.  Pin now read later!!!”

Until then, I am resolved to keep out of the Pinterest party planning section.  And the official theme for this gig therefore became: Whatever Ransom Wants.

So I found a pretty easy red velvet cake recipe and tinted the icing with an entire dropper full of green food coloring.  The cake turned out pretty well, although I kind of had to consciously ignore the color.  The green kind of made me expect mint.  And yet, it wasn’t mint.  But hey, at least the kid didn’t ask for “red and gray” right?


Anyways, in keeping with the “Do It Yourself, Kid” theme, I let him design the invitations with his watercolor paints.  I scanned the design in and threw some text on the top, and then printed them four-to-a-page at the UPS store for $3 total.  Can’t beat that.


For the dinnerware, Ransom selected cups and plates with construction vehicles.  Then we picked out three inflatable kiddie pool toys from the clearance rack at TJMaxx to serve as a party activity.  I had to select the rest of the food myself because Ransom didn’t understand why food was needed beyond cake.  So I bought cheetos, made cheese dip, and ordered a stack of pizza.  The sub-theme was clearly “cheese”.

That was the beginning and the end of party planning for this affair.  You know what?  No one complained, especially not Ransom, and we all had a good time.  Actually, I was pretty spent by the end of the day and as you may have noticed, I did take the easiest possible route.  So, my heart goes out to all you Pinterest-party-people.  That must take a LOT of energy.

photo 1 Don’t let the face fool you, much fun was had by all.

photo 4I promise there were other kids at the party.

photo 2Birthday boy going for the candles.

photo 3The full party package – hat, blower thing, cake.


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  1. Anonymous says :

    MD says: This sounds like my kind of kid’s party! And just think – next year you can probably even ditch the party hats, as my experience has been that it’s hard to get anyone over the age of 3 to actually keep them on for more than a quick photo. Looks like Ransom enjoyed his birthday, and a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him!

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