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Eating healthy is a challenge anyway.  But eating healthy on a tight time schedule is even harder.  And when I get really pressed for time, breakfast seems to be the first thing to get cut, which is unfortunate because breakfast is really the most important meal of the day.  Last year when Keith and I started doing the Paleo diet hardcore, we decided that smoothies might be a good breakfast or desert and after lots of research comparing various blenders and such we settled on the Ninja Kitchen System….and we love it so much.  It’s so easy to just throw fruit in one of the handy individual cups and then have an instant, yummy meal. Pretty smooth(ie)……if you ask me.  If you want to make your own, here’s a quick run-down on what to do.

FIRST….choose some yummy healthy ingredients.  I make mine with only fruit because that’s the healthiest way to go.  And to be honest, the fruit is so sweet that you don’t need any added sugar or unhealthy stuff.  My favorite ingredients are:

Other good ingredients are bananas, mango, honey, or even plain greek yogurt.  Pomegranate juice is yummy, but not the actual seeds as they make the smoothies crunchy, but not in a good way.


These are some of my favorite fruits to add.

i love adding some orange juice for flavor and consistency.

i love adding some orange juice for flavor and consistency.

SECOND, I cut the fruit up so it all fits in the individual cup, and pour the juice in, careful not to overfill, and screw on the individual size blade.

just toss it all in and screw on the blades!

just toss it all in and screw on the blades!

THEN, just hit mix for up to 30 seconds.  The blender is super powerful and it whirs and mixes it all together.

Bzzzz.  Yummy snacks in the making!

Bzzzz. Yummy snacks in the making!

Screw on one of the drinkable lids, and presto, you have a to-go thermos so you can take your breakfast or snack wherever your day takes you.


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  1. vivagood says :

    Girlie! Add some greens to that smoothie! We always add a hearty handful of spinach to every smoothie we make. It might change the color but not the taste. Plus, you get a serving of veggies for breakfast!

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