Book Review – Joyland by Stephen King

I read a book.  Somebody give me a gold star! OR maybe a cookie.

Last week I had to fortunate opportunity to meet my good friend Meredith, who is a real librarian, at where else but the library in our hometown.  We went for story hour with her two kiddos and Ransom.  A good time was had by all.  And to top it off, she gave me a book to read.

The book was Joyland by Stephen King.  I haven’t read any of Mr. King’s works prior to this, but I have enjoyed some of the film adaptations.  The Shining movie holds a special place {of ridiculousness} in my heart.  And The Green Mile movie is high on my list although not one I could watch regularly or anything.

I do love when people give me books or even just give me recommendations.  That solves the challenge of actually finding a book to read.  So of course I dove right in to Joyland, set in the early 70s in an amusement park.  I was kind of expecting suspense, fear, chills, horror maybe, from Stephen King.  But the suspense level was actually more on par with an episode of CSI or Criminal Minds.  There is a ghost but she’s fairly innocuous as ghosts go.  There’s also a lot of cool carny lingo.

The main character is this distant-ish 21 year old guy floating along in that highly relatable yet awkward zone between kid and adult.  He’s a pretty realistic character really, but so laid back about everything that I never did get to anxious for him, even around the ghost.  He takes a summer job at a carnival where there had been a (gasp!) murder.  The book describes all the events leading up to him solving the murder along with a lot of interwoven side plots.

All in all, its a good read though not entirely what I was expecting.  Its short so it goes by pretty fast.  (Also like tv show?)  Tell me, all you avid book readers out there.  Just how do you handle this reading thing?  My problem is this: If I start reading a book that’s even halfway decent, that’s usually all I do until I’m done.  I mean, everything else goes on the back burner and not necessarily in a good way.  I kind of HAVE to FINISH it so I can go on with life, you know?  Dinner on Monday night was a mess.  How do you contain the reading hours so that life can continue?  I need to know.

Anyway, pick up this book if you are going on a long trip and need an diversion.  It won’t change your life or give you nightmares but it is entertaining. 🙂

Thanks for the book Mere! At the very minimum I feel more well rounded being able to say that I’ve read a Stephen King book.

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  1. Anonymous says :

    MD says: Except for maybe the low-cut neckline on the woman’s dress, the cover makes me think of a Nancy Drew mystery – love the old camera with the giant flash! Hmm, if it reminds you of a CSI episode, it might be worth reading.

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