Well, Whaddaya Gnocci?

Mary Hall and I can’t seem to catch our breaths around here lately…..and since we missed our regularly scheduled Monday post, I thought if bring you this mini post about two things I did last weekend.

I had a work event in the San Francisco Bay Area this past weekend, and while typically my travel only means I see the inside of lots of airports, Starbucks and churches, we were blessed to have a night off and headed to Sausalito for dinner. This adorable little area might be my new favorite place…we strolled the waterfront, took in an art gallery or two, snapped a few (distant) shots of Alcatraz and settled into a street cafe for dinner….where I ate red sauce. This is a big deal for me since typically I’m fairly anti-condiments and sauces. But this was thinner on the sauce part and heavy on the huge chunks of tomato and basil and served over a potato gnocci with smoked mozzerella….mmmm. I’m totally craving it again.

And then we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge. In a mustang. While eating cookie dough icecream from a waffle cone. So thankful for little spontaneous perfect moments.


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4 responses to “Well, Whaddaya Gnocci?”

  1. Anonymous says :

    MD says: Mmm – that pizza in the top of the photo looks pretty yummy!

  2. Mary-Hall says :

    Oh yum. All I want to eat these days are carbohydrates and red sauce. Love gnocchi. Can’t believe you went back to Cali already!

  3. vivagood says :

    I love Sausalito! So cute over there! And I’m proud of you…that dish sounds amazing. Gnocchi is my favorite. But just a little tidbit…you do know that red sauce is really just blended tomatoes with garlic and basil, right? At least, that’s how I make it. Still, victory!!

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