Another Secret Project

Let’s go ahead and deem this ‘secret project reveal’ week.  Bethany is releasing a CD and I am, not to be outdone,…. Moving to Fiji!

nope, I wish though.


THERE ya go.  My secret project is that the Johnsons are expecting one new baby on approx April 7, 2014.  I am having another baby!  Ransom will be a big brother!  (Its about time.)  That pic is from his birthday party where the t-shirt was our “big reveal” to our family. (Ransom was totally confused about all the fuss over a piece of clothing.)

Actually I’m 15 weeks already although reality has NOT yet set in.   We are fairly comfortable in our one child/no diapers/no crib routine and I can’t even fathom how much things are going to change.  In 5 more weeks, we’ll find out the gender and maybe at that point we’ll start working on names and a nursery and perhaps things will all shift into reality for us.  Lord help us in the name department if its another boy.  We fairly well exhausted our ‘boy names’ list with Ransom.

There were a few weeks when me and two out of my three sisters-in-law were all simultaneously pregnant so it is definitely “Baby Season” in our family.  (And the third has a 10mo old.)  Luckily, Ransom LOVES babies.  I am the most excited right now about getting to watch him be a big brother, because I know he’s going to be awesome at it.  You should hear him talk to his baby cousins when he’s holding them.  He talks in a soft high voice and sings little songs to them, its the cutest thing ever.  And then he tries to squeeze them in two..

The first trimester was fairly smooth for me with little to no nausea (lucky I know).  There were about 4 weeks of complete exhaustion, (don’t remember that from Pregnancy #1…), but that’s thankfully over now.  For a while there, I could’ve closed my eyes and gone to sleep at any point in the day.  My sense of smell is working in overdrive.  And at this point I can only wear about 5% of my wardrobe even though I don’t really look pregnant yet.  Just, bigger – a less-than-fun aspect of early pregnancy.  Alas.

So, look forward to some occasional baby related programming as the projects come and go – DIY crib skirts and homemade baby food and whatnot.  Hooray!

Is this real?

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2 responses to “Another Secret Project”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Momma Daniel says: Congratulations to the whole Johnson (and Dale) family! Enjoy this special time and look forward to Baby #2!

  2. Dreama Bordeaux says :

    CONGRATULATIONS! Loving all these little secrets. Ransom is adorable and I’m sure will be a great Big Brother!

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