How to Eat Your Jack-O-Latern, Part 1

Today is like the first day of fall here in Mississippi.  Hooray!  The air was brisk for once so its high time we discuss something fall-related around here.  This will be a two part series but this first post is about toasting pumpkin seeds.  Anybody carving a jack-o-lantern this year will have that familiar pile of slop and seeds to deal with, so I’m figuring you might as well eat some of it, right?  Waste not, and such.

IMG_1927  pumpkin guts

Here is my pile of slop from our first pumpkin of the season.  I’ve done this a time or two with mixed results.  Picking those seeds out is kind of a lot of work for something that’s only kind of good.  Well this year I’ve at least solved the puzzle of the “work” part.  Here is the easy way to separate those seeds from the rest of the pumpkin pulp.

One, place the guts+seeds in the bowl of a stand mixer.  (A regular old bowl and a hand mixer would work fine too.)

Two, add water – as much water as you can safely add without it sloshing out.

Three, turn on the mixer and let ‘er go for a few minutes.


When you come back, the seeds will be at the top and all the pumpkin stuff will be at the bottom.  Strain the seeds out with a slotted spoon or something and let them dry on a cookie sheet.  So easy.  Then you’re ready to toast!

I mixed my seeds with: 1 egg white, 1 tsp chopped chipotle pepper, 1tsp sea salt.  I toasted at 375F for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

And the result was:  SUPER AWESOME!!!!!


No not really.  The resulting product was okay.  I’d certainly eat them while stuck on a deserted island but they’re nothin’ to write home to mama about. Ransom likes sucking on them.  Its really cute… and by cute I mean gross.  The chipotle is a little overpowering and weird.

If I do this again, I think I’ll stick to plain salt.  And, I should also point out, if you were on say, the Paleo diet, then heck this is probably as close to popcorn as you are ever gonna get.  So eat up Paleo friends!  I however am more likely to just go pop some actual popcorn than eat those seeds up there.

So in summary, how to eat the seeds out of your jack-o-lantern?  Use your mixer to separate out your seeds and then google up a tasty recipe for them because I wouldn’t necessarily recommend mine.

Wishing you all a lovely brisk fall weekend!


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2 responses to “How to Eat Your Jack-O-Latern, Part 1”

  1. bethanybordeaux says :

    First off….I’m not sure how in the world this is our first pumpkin-related post of the season. I’ve been drinking PSLs from Starbucks for over a month now. (That’s “pumpkin spice latte” in case you aren’t up with the Starbucks lingo.) Second of all, your stand mixer bit is Genius. GENIUS, I tell you. Third of all, I totally agree on the whole bit about toasted pumpkin seeds being sort of underwhelming. They are way more fun to make than to eat. I do love that they are Paleo friendly though.

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