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Back in the early days of this co-blogging adventure, every Friday we would share a photo of the two of us from one of our many joint adventures.  We kept that up for 30 weeks or so before exhausting the supply of “good ones”.  I covered our 9th grade year book already, but just 10th grade was lost until last weekend.  Joyous occasion!

In truth I think Bethany and I enjoy these posts more than anyone else, and I know she has had a really wild ride these last few weeks, so B – hope this makes your Friday better!

So, back in 1998, Bethany and I spent every morning in homeroom listening to announcements over the PA system.  Our names were actually in alphabetical order in both 9th and 10th.


Okay this year book was whacked, as you can see.  Bethany’s last name got an extra “s” added to it.  My hyphen is MIA.  And if you actually knew the rest of those people, you would see how terribly wrong this all is.  In fact, we’re lucky our names are even in the proximity of our photos.  There’s one guy in there who wasn’t even in our grade!

Big news! Bethany got her flowing locks chopped at some point that year.  Look how cute:

b&brooke   yearbook_0007

Meanwhile, my hair got harder and harder to manage.  Here we are in Drum Line and Jazz Band, respectively.


I really did kinda love band, although you may not be able to tell from this photo.


Bethany was not only cute, she was incredibly skinny, and also in the coolest extracurricular activity there was:  Show Choir. You think I’m kidding but I’m not.  In our weird high school, the ‘glee’ kids were the ones dumping the proverbial slushies on everyone else. Not Bethany, mind you.  She was just there because she could sing and dance and be cute all at the same time.


Look! She was so skinny, they put her at the top of the pyramid in the school musical!  This was a production of ‘Bye Bye Birdie,’ of which I have no recollection.


And here’s the only significant activity we both participated in that year: OM.  I would also like to point out that while we did come in 2nd place at State Finals, it was 2nd out of two.  Thank you very much.OM

Nice to see you, 10th grade!  Lots of fun times but I wouldn’t do it again for a gazillion bucks.

Addendum: Oh my stars. Proof that you really can find almost anything on youtube.


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  1. Barbara Daniel says :

    I don’t know about Bethany, but this blog and these photos sure brought back some fun memories for me as her mother. I’m so glad you two are still such good buddies! Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, even though I was just an innocent bystander.

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