Christmas Reunion

The holidays have been downright crazy-town for both the Bordeaux and Johnson families this year, but we somehow managed to have the happy fortune to end up in the same town on the same day once again. This time we were both in Columbus visiting our parents for Christmas and managed to get a couple of hours this past rainy Saturday afternoon to catch up and do important things such as a grocery run, discount-store shopping and a cup of pay-by-the-ounce yogurt.

When I went by to pick Mary-Hall up for our all-important errand excursion, Ransom, the cutest three year old on the planet, said my name which pretty much made me melt in to a puddle of joy. “Bethany….come over here and see my trains!” That sweet little chirpy voice. I can’t stand it. {also, when MH told him that we were going shopping and would be back later he said “ok. I’m gonna stay here with the boys. We’ll be working.” which also pretty much made me want to squeeze him.}

I know things have been quiet on the blog-front recently. We’ve been slammed with work and well, life. But we’re excited to kick of 2014 with some bloggy goodness….we each have big trips planned, MH had lots of baby crafts and nursery decorating escapades up her sleeve and I’m hoping to get a few DIY things done myself. So stay tuned because the girls are back. And to prove it, I bring you this quality photograph. We can’t wait to spend another year with you guys!


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  1. Barbara Daniel says :

    Those hats are YOU, girls!!! As always, it was great to have you home, B, and M-H, I’m so glad I got to see you too. I hope both of you have lots of fun on your respective exotic vacations and I expect to see some great pics on some upcoming Foto Friday.

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