A Bit of January Goal Setting

I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions, but once upon a New Year (two years ago), I made of list of 30 goals for the year of 2012.  Looking back on 2013 vs 2012, I can really see a difference.  2013 basically got swallowed up by the overarching task of “buy a house and move again”.  2014 will get similarly swallowed up by “having another baby and living to tell the story”, and obviously that’s just part of it, but I think laying out some simple goals will help.  It won’t hurt, anyways.

And, perhaps it will help me focus my blog posts a bit – Bonus!


  • Don’t freeze (kidding.  but wishing you warmth tonight, people.)
  • Cook 4 new vegetables or vegetable recipes
  • Visit a new country!! Cheating.. this is already planned…


  • Take that long overdue train ride. (One of my 30 goals from 2012.)
  • Build a desk in our kitchen.
  • Investigate freezer/crockpot recipes and start making tons of them.


  • Finish the baby room.
  • Get some chickens – this may be a bit of a stretch.
  • Make plans for a small garden.


  • Have the baby.
  • Name the baby.  (This is so hard for us…)
  • Plant said small garden – last frost date is 4/10!


  • Take that online course I’ve been thinking about.
  • Make a kitchen island.
  • Refresh this list of goals.


  • Start running again.
  • Make homemade tomato sauce.


  • Start back to work, and then
  • Take the kids on a vacation.


  • Happy Birthday! Buy a piano.  If you haven’t bought one by now, its time to get a cheap keyboard.
  • Cook stuff with our garden produce.


  • Start sewing a quilt.


  • Homemade halloween costumes, duh.
  • Go camping.


  • Get the nativity advent scene ready.
  • Fry a turkey.


  • Watch a Christmas movie.
  • Take Ransom on a Christmas outing.
  • Survive the holidays.

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  1. Jennifer Taylor says :

    I approve of your monthly goals. 😉

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