Just Up and Go.

Have you ever heard of the “babymoon” concept? The idea is to take a ‘last hurrah’ style vacation in the last few weeks before the arrival of a new baby and the accompany slog through weeks of a reduced sleep schedule all around. Usually you go somewhere warm and relaxing, I suppose.

Today I am on a plane bound for my own babymoon of sorts. Except, the destination is Moscow – maybe not relaxing and certainly not warm but a ‘last hurrah’ adventure none the less.

I have a dear friend Sarah to visit there, and one of my other best friends is coming along as well. This best friend is also named Bethany, but not the Bethany of this blog. Should we call her Bethany II to keep them straight?

Bethany II and I have traveled internationally together twice before. Once, sophomore year of college, to London and Paris:

scan0034Very early and very cold on the Seine River in Paris, 2002

Then to western Germany in 2004. After Germany we swore off visiting Europe in the winter, forever. Yes the tourist lines are short or non existent, but we were frozen popsicles for both trips.

Germany73Still cold, somewhere in Germany

Oh well. I like to think we’re better prepared this time. Here I am this morning at my local airport with copious amounts of luggage.

20140112-124158.jpgBasically maxing out the available space in more ways than one

I’m not as prepared as it looks. 75% of that space is stuff Sarah ordered and I am just the mule. I did purchase a pair of used snowboots and a larger coat to fit over my belly. I also borrowed my grandpa’s fur hat for added authenticity. Pretty pumped about it too!

20140112-125408.jpgReady for the cold

Unfortunately August is having to sit this one out due to vacation time limitations. Appropriately, I took a pic of him with his employer’s advertisement at our airport this morning.

20140112-125750.jpgWorking for the man…

So there’s the cold, snow, and ice. Plus We’ll only be there for 5 days which isn’t long enough to see much. I’m not sure we’ll even adjust to the 10 hour time change. Being right on the cusp of my 3rd trimester, I probably can’t walk the miles and miles I would normally. Nor can I sample much vodka obviously. But sometimes you just have to up and go, right?



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