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If you’ve ever visited our blog before, chances are you’re aware of my love of a) home furnishings and b) finding a good deal.  And when the two collide….its the home run of all home runs.  So imagine my sheer joy when a last-minute-Christmas-shopping excursion on Christmas Eve Eve turned into a score-the-chair-I’ve-wanted-on-sale shopping trip win!

In one corner of our living room we had a particular chair that was fine, just a tad large for the space and didn’t exactly match the rest of our decor.  About two years ago we bought the Elton Settee from West Elm for my office and I’ve loved it so much, I thought that the Elton Chair might be just the thing to replace the other chair.  But at $500-$700 a pop (depending on which upholstery you chose) it was WAY over budget.  So the other chair stayed where it was, and I continued looking around, and not finding anything I liked as well as Elton-the-chair.  (For those of you wanting to know, we’d gotten Elton-the-Settee on sale.)

Me sitting on Elton-the-Settee.  Photo Credit: Kellie Mueller of

Me sitting on Elton-the-Settee. Photo Credit: Kellie Mueller of

So fast forward to the day before the day before Christmas (no that’s not a type-o, it was Dec. 23rd) when Keith and I wandered into West Elm and BEHOLD….Elton the chair was on sale….in the color I loved.  Like $200 less than normal price kind of “on sale.”  But wait….there’s more.  I had been saving a gift card from my birthday hoping that just such an occasion would come to pass.  AND… complete the trifecta of discounts, I convinced the store clerk to accept a $25 off coupon that had expired LAST JUNE.

So my lovely chair went home with me that day for a greatly reduced cost and not only looks adorable…but fits (size-wise) just PERFECTLY in the nook in the living room.  It’s already gotten much love and become my favorite spot in the living room!  So come on over if you’re in the neighborhood and curl up in Elton-the-Chair and stay a while.  We’d love to have you.

Elton the Chair in his new home in our living room....come "set a spell."

Elton the Chair in his new home in our living room….come “set a spell.”


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  1. Barbara Daniel says :

    Super shopping and the chair is lovely! (Will my feet touch the floor?!) 🙂

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