Getting the Boot….(ies)

Remember when we last talked about footwear and I was lusting after the Sonic Bootie by Bed:Stu?  Well, my husband and my cat took note and teamed up to purchase an Anthropologie gift card for me for my birthday this past August and I am happy to report that I’ve worn them practically every since day since!  They are possibly the most comfortable boot I’ve ever put on, are fabulous traveling shoes, and don’t even set off the metal detector at the airport (like most boots do) so I can whiz through TSA Precheck no problem.  (When you fly almost every weekend, it’s the little things in life, people.)  I recommended them so highly that my friend Rica even bought herself a pair for her trip to India this past December.  Midway through the trip she sent the following photo and message: proof that these boots are both glam and practical.

Rica and her sonic booties go global!

Rica and her sonic booties go global!  I’m thinking Bed:Stu should hire her to model……

“These boots were made for walkin’!  Thanks for sharing your great find…they are soooo comfy!  Our silly guide totally made me pose that way, but it did highlight the boots!”  (of course Rica could make anything look amazing, and having the Taj Mahal in the background doesn’t hurt….but still….)

So here’s the thing though.  I love my boots so much that in addition to singing their praises to my friends…I kind of wanted more of them.  When I find something I like, I stick to it.  And comfortable boots, well, that’s a big win in my book.  So when my sweet in-laws gave me an Anthropologie gift card for Christmas, I started watching the boot sales like a hawk.  And sure enough, the other pair of boots I’d set my heart on went on sale…with my size left!  So I placed my order for the Luminous Sliced Bootie….sort of a cousin to the Sonic bootie…similar in design, but with a slit in the front instead of a side zipper and in a fantastic vintage white color that will pair well with basically anything and that I plan on wearing well into the summer.  As my friend Ellen said once, “booties….don’t you just love them?  I can’t stop buying them.”

I’m happy to report that my boots came in the mail on Monday….and I’ve barely been able to take them off my feet since.  They’re made by Holding Horses, not Bed:Stu, but I’m wondering if there is some sort of licensing agreement going on there, as they look and fit suspiciously like my beloved Bed:Stu boots….and have the exact same size label inside…but I digress.  Bottom line, two thumbs, er, toes, up.

Everything I love about the Sonic...but with a twist.

Everything I love about the Sonic…but with a twist.

There’s been one more addition to my boot fever this year though.  For Christmas I’d told Keith I really wanted a pair of black boots.  As a musician, I’m often faced with the need to wear all black and I’ve never really found a pair of black footwear that is comfortable that I’m in love with.  And black boots proved to be a tricky thing to choose.  As you can see by my previous boot choices, I love a slightly vintage leather look and lots of black boots just looked too shiny and new.  I’m picky about adornments too…where they are, what they look like, etc.  After several failed attempts at finding the boot of my dreams, Keith was the one that ended up finding them.  It was Christmas and we were in Nordstrom and they were having a HUGE  boot sale.  Hundreds of boots were literally hanging on giant clothes-pin like hooks from long metal bars across the length of the shoe department.  As I pawed through the tall black boots in my size, Keith came around the corner holding the most incredible black boots I’d ever seen….that were about 4 sizes too small.  However, I tracked down a sales clerk and crossed my fingers figuring it never hurts to ask…and sure enough…somewhere in the back room lay a box containing the Drover boot by Freebird by Steven Drover  in my size!!  They are as comfy as they are awesome looking (and the rope part is removable if I ever needed a completely black boot for a show.)

Drover boot by Freebird by Steven Drover

Drover boot by Freebird by Steven Drover

So I think what we’ve learned here is that I might have a boot problem.  I had to laugh because I realized that two of the previous three Christmases I’d also asked for, and gotten, boots from Keith.  Last year, it was a pair of Joan of Artic boots (in “Shale”) by Sorel and then three years ago, I got the Weatherby Rain Boot by JCrew (in black).  But I’m not the girl who wears heels…..ever….so for me, boots are everyday wear…I dress them up, dress them down, use them for work, for social occasions, for hanging out around the house.  Heck, I even recycle them when they get past their prime.  And recently, when I needed a new pair of slippers……..yup……I even got boots for that.  I bought the Kamar Genuine Suede Shearling Style Boots by Xhilaration® on sale at Target for $10.  Perfect for shuffling around the house on a cold day.

The Joan of Artic boot by Sorel.  Nothing keeps your feet toastier on a cold day!

The Joan of Artic boot by Sorel. Nothing keeps your feet toastier on a cold day! (and the faux fur is even detachable!)

The JCrew Weatherby rainboot.  Love the stylish yet useful look...and they fit great with or without a liner!

The JCrew Weatherby rainboot. Love the stylish yet useful look…and they fit great with or without a liner!

The Kumar boot from Target....I call them my "Fuggs" because they are totally "Fake Uggs" but they make the best slippers!

The Kamar boot from Target….I call them my “Fuggs” because they are totally “Fake Uggs” and not something I’d wear out of the house…but they make the best slippers!

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