More Stuff to (Not) Buy Off Craigslist

I haven’t been spending as much time trolling Craigslist lately… The last few months of life were pretty much swallowed up by holiday fun and the big Russia trip but now we are back to regularly scheduled programming at Casa Johnson. And that means, its time to do some ‘nesting’. And by nesting, I mean – its time get our mattresses up off the floor and otherwise get things “settled” like “grownups” before we get sucked into the impending baby vortex.

First pregnancy nesting means agonizing over nursery decorations. Second pregnancy nesting means ‘do we have a place to put the baby?” (No, not at this moment we don’t…)

So, here are a few recent Craigslist posts that have made me laugh.


First, this “antique” wheel “barrel” for $125.  Somebody please buy this thing.  It has been reposted continuously for at least 6 months.  That’s a lot of reposting effort right there.  And yet, the seller can’t even be bothered to bring this valuable wheel barrel down to ground-level for a proper photo shoot.  Also, after 6 months, perhaps the price is too high.  Frankly, you Mr. Seller are playing pretty fast and loose with the term ‘antique’.


Candle operas anyone?  For your fancy table settings. Very hard to find.


The “candle opera” may be an iPhone auto-correct situation, but this next item – a Read valentine mannequin – was probably listed by someone who had purchased their first iPhone earlier that same day.  I guess the phone corrected the first use of the word ‘manikin’ but couldn’t fix the second version:

This is a beautiful red and half bust manikin for displaying me’s dresses any kind of clothing with that great in anyone shop I would put it in mine but I need the cash.

Likely the cash is needed to pay off that new phone on the credit card bill.


Who needs more flip-flop themed decor at their abode? Anyone?  This set’s been for sale for a good 8 or 9 months and regularly reposted throughout that time.  The price has also been RISING.  Ingenious marketing strategy, folks.  Just look at the sheer number of pieces of furniture you can purchase for $450 with flip-flop stickers on them.  Also, there are flip-flop knobs.  Clearly a bargain, the description lists the retail price for this set at over $2,000.  Discount what what!


Another lesson for you: Things that are VINTAGE are worth a lot of money. That includes potty chairs, especially when they are decorative. Seriously people, this is a huge step up from most of the potty chairs I’ve seen that look all utilitarian, and ‘medical device’-y. (New adjective coined.) Most potty chairs are clearly potties but this one is so sneaky.  And for $275?  What would you pick, a couple of pairs of Bethany’s fancy footwear or this chair?


I posted this last time but just FYI, its still for sale.  Can’t believe no one has snapped ‘er up. You know, you could buy a car with $9k but that globe will look better in your library.


Or, alternate idea, you could buy ALL this stuff and keep it in this little $50k cabin. That globe would look pretty great in there.  The cabin is so old that it was built without nails. In other words, this is basically a giant Lincoln Log set just waiting for you to come and pickup.  And sure, the asking price is a smidgen high, but I bet they would take less if you asked nicely.


Now, go forth and shop, all you Craigslist bargain hunters! (And here’s my first MS Craigslist round up, if you want more of this nonsense.)

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3 responses to “More Stuff to (Not) Buy Off Craigslist”

  1. Jennifer Taylor says :

    We actually need a wheelbarrow….I wonder if they deliver.

  2. bethanybordeaux says :

    the “Candle opera!” I’m DYING over here. and I don’t even want to think about what might be growing inside the fabric covering of that potty chair. The wheel “barrel” is actually super cool and I would totally purchase it…..for $10.

  3. Mary-Hall says :

    You know we could also put a wheel barrel to good use. I agree, $10 and I would buy that thing in a heartbeat. Maybe even $15 so I wouldn’t have to see the posting ever again!

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