January Goals and Eating Weird Vegetables

So, January 2014 is over and done with obviously.  I set three not-so-lofty goals for the month and here’s were we ended up.

  • Goal #1.  Don’t freeze.

Is this like the coldest winter on record or what?  Our huge propane tank is running low and we’re going to have to buy more in the next week or two.  {Sad face}.  Propane is not really a cheap heating fuel.  However, you know what is?  Fire wood.  We kept our home quite a bit toastier than usual during the January’s polar blasts by FINALLY firing up the wood burning stove.  I had been giving that thing the side eye ever since we moved in here because it takes up A LOT of floor space, and its just kinda ugly.  But you know what?  It works very very well.  Its easy to start and it can warm almost the entire house.

So I guess we have to keep it.  And purchase chain saw to replenish the wood pile.

photo 2(1)

  • Goal #3.  Visit a foreign country.  Did that.  Disclaimer: obviously the trip was plan well in advance of the goal setting effort.
  • Goal #2.  Cook four new vegetables or vegetable recipes.

This needs to be a perma-goal for the Johnsons.  We’re forever stuck in a rut called ‘canned green beans’ and I’m determined to broaden our vegetable horizons.  So the four recipes I tried in January were:

Kenyan Collard Greens and Ground Beef This was really good and super easy. Will definitely make again.

Georgian Lobio This recipe is from Georgia the country (not the state).  I had it in Russia and it was wonderful.  Something in the vein of refried red beans with an interesting spice mix, and pomegranate seeds on top. However, my version did not turn out so well.  On the upside, I did get to use the morter and pestle my grandma gave me for Christmas.

photo 1(1)

  • Sauteed Swiss Chard with Parmesan I definitely felt like a mad culinary scientist cooking this weird red-stemmed plant.  And shocker – it was really good.  Approved by husband and even somewhat approved by preschooler.

photo 3

  • Baked Kale Chips I majorly oversalted these, but there is hope here. I’ll have to give this one another go.

So all in all, 3 of the 4 were “greens”.  I guess I should switch to root vegetables or squashes for February.  You guys got any suggestions?  What’s the weirdest vegetable you cook these days?


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One response to “January Goals and Eating Weird Vegetables”

  1. Barbara Daniel says :

    My suggestion (this coming from a TERRIBLE cook) – tear up RAW Kale in to little pieces (Ransom could have lots of fun helping with this) and mix in a regular old tossed salad. Kale is super good for you, so even if someone doesn’t care for the taste all by itself, mixing in with everything else makes it easy to eat.

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