Let There Be Light

Well it seems like living room upgrades have become a theme around the blog lately as Mary-Hall is painting hers grey and I recently added a new chair to mine.  Although Keith and I gutted our entire 1920’s home about 3 years ago, we still have a few minor things that we’d like to do, mostly in the decor department.  Things like a comfy sectional to replace our couches and built-ins on one of our living room walls.  Another big thing on my list was replacing the fan in the living room with a lightfixture.  The fan that we had there was really nice, but we never used it and it didn’t have a light fixture on it, so it was this big dark looming object hanging on the ceiling.

Our living room ceiling with fan.

Our living room ceiling with fan.

When we were in West Elm looking at the chair a few weeks ago, we saw a particular light fixture that fit the bill of what we were looking for: something bright…simple, but with some sort of pattern or feature, soft light, and preferably a drum style.  At $299+ tax, it was a little over what I was willing to spend on something that we didn’t NEED, just wanted.  But because I knew it was what I wanted, I began to employ all of my furniture-for-less tactics.

Step one was to search for a knock-off fixture that looked like the Metal Honeycomb Drum Pendant, but cost less.  Unfortunately, that was a total bust.  Anything I found either was cheaper, but LOOKED cheaper, or was even more expensive than the original fixture.   Step two was to check out Craigslist to see if anyone was selling one used….which they weren’t.  Step three was to just start watching the prices at West Elm to see if it went on sale.  This past Sunday, my sale-watching paid off.  West Elm was running a sale on lighting…20% off on all fixtures (online AND in-store) bringing the pendant light of my dreams down to $239.  Much closer to the “under $200” category that I was willing to spend.

gotta love a good sale.

gotta love a good sale.

my lamp with the discount!

my lamp with the discount!

It seemed like a good price, plus I had a $50 gift card in my wallet that I’d been given for Christmas (thanks to my awesome in-laws!), but with shipping, it still wasn’t quite the bargain I’d been hoping for.  Fortunately, there is a West Elm store in Nashville, so I picked up the phone to see if they had the lamp in stock.  They didn’t, nor was it on the list of things they would be getting in anytime soon, NOR was it on the ship-to-store list.  (Tip: sometimes retailers that have both online and in-store sales will have a “ship to store” list of items that the stores don’t carry in-stock, but that you can pay for in-store, and have shipped to your house or at least to the store for free).  This was where I played the ace up my sleeve.  I mentioned that I’d seen the lamp in the store a few months ago and asked if buying the floor model would be an option.  Cha-ching.   Not only did they let me buy the store model (which meant no shipping fee), but they also gave me an additional 10% off meaning that my final price after taxes and discounts was $185.  I could not have been more thrilled.  When you consider no shipping, 20% off, the additional 10% off and the gift card, I ended up getting the lamp at over a 40% discount.  And it was even easy for us to install ourselves which was a huge perk.

finished light fixture hanging in our living room!  we love it!

finished light fixture hanging in our living room! we love it!

And we couldn’t be more thrilled with how stylish it looks and the soft lighted glow it emits.  We love our can-lights, but it’s nice to have an alternative lighting solution, especially one that just looks so awesome.

Now if I can just figure out how to get a bargain on the Pearce Sectional that we’re lusting after at Pottery Barn (it’s on sale now, but not in the upholstry that I want, of course), and settle on a design for some built-ins, our living room will be 100% complete.  Well, mostly, anyway.  I’m thinking that nothing will ever be “complete” as I kind of have the decorating bug.

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  1. Jennifer Taylor says :

    I have the decorating bug, too! I pretty much stalk West Elm’s website every day looking for inspiration. 😉

  2. Barbara Daniel says :

    And knowing you, that ceiling fan (which is a very nice one if you happen to need a ceiling fan) will probably win back some more of your light-fixture expense when you sell IT on Craigslist!

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