A Peek at Bethany’s Road Life

Last weekend Bethany’s boss Kelly Minter did a two-day women’s seminar right down here in Mississippi, in Starkville no less, where I went to college and not 30 minutes from our mutual hometown.  So, the Johnsons made a weekend visit to the Golden Triangle (For all you non-Mississippians, its basically just like the Bermuda triangle.) and I finally got to see a little window into Bethany’s wild weekend world. This is what she does most Fridays and Saturdays, except often they fly but being so close to Nashville, they got to drive down for this event.

I missed the first half of the seminar, but here are a few peeks at Bethany’s responsibilities on Saturday.  Actually there was a lot more going on, but these snaps are just from the times when I felt it was acceptable to take pictures.  You know, and not be ‘that’ person.  First, there’s t-shirt display.


That’s a JMA t-shirt, and they are super cute. Killin’ it.


Okay, then there’s the occasionally impromptu fiddle/guitar jam session.


Also, lots of generally knowing what’s going on and what needs to happen and when.


Let’s not forget about ‘boot wearing‘ either.IMG_2770


And finally, rocking the merch table.IMG_2771

Maybe someday we’ll have enough for a whole scrapbook of ‘behind the merch table selfies’. There’s just nothing like impromptu meetings with best friends.



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  1. Barbara Daniel says :

    I’m so happy that I was able to be there, and it was so good to see YOU again!

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