“Spring Break” : My April in Review

My boss and I were talking just the other day about how we’d both been looking forward to the month of April; she’d purposefully taken some time off the road to work on a big writing project,  which means I had time off the road as well, and we were both looking forward to some rest, relaxation, getting things done that had been put off.  And now I look at the calendar and its the 24th of April for goodness sakes and I’m having trouble figuring out what happened to my “off” month.

So I thought I’d give you a quick review of some things that have gone on.  Mostly to try to wade back into this blogging pool.  Dip my toe in.  I’ll give you some photos.  Everyone loves photos, right?

First up in un-blogged-about-April-adventures was a little bluegrass fun on April 5th with my friends Andrew Greer and Kyle Buchanan.  We kicked off the morning playing happy instrumentals and “country-fied” versions of the hymns I grew up on in the Southern Baptist Church…all in the front yard of speaker Patsy Clairmont for her “On The Porch With Patsy” event.  It was a blast to meet such a sweet group of ladies and then close out the night with a special Hymns For Hunger concert with singer/songwriter Cindy Morgan.  Being home and still playing great music all day was a gift.


L to R: Kyle, Me, Andrew & Patsy @ “On The Porch With Patsy” April 5, 2014


L to R: Kyle, Cindy, Patsy, Andrew , Bethany at Hymns for Hunger, April 5, 2014


Next up was a trip home to see my parents in Columbus, MS.  The theoretical “purpose” of our trip was to help my parents with a garage sale to help clear out my grandmother’s house.  It was a sweet time to pick through items that we knew we wanted to keep to remember her by, telling funny family stories and laughing at some of the “junk” that had for whatever reason been living in Gran’s house for so long, etc. etc.  My brother and his son Drew also made it down for part of the weekend and so it was great to get to visit with them and bonus that Drew finally got to meet his “Uncle Keith.”  That one’s been about 5 years coming.  Mom made her famous lasagna (totally worth ditching the whole paleo thing for) and dad took us fishing.  Then we also got to celebrate Palm Sunday with them which was awesome since we knew we couldn’t make it back for Easter.


Fishing with Dad. Love getting to hop in the boat in the backyard and paddle around a bit.


I was SO surprised to catch this little guy. And I may be 31, but my dad still has to take the fish off the line.


Easter weekend was lovely as well.  We started off the week by celebrating a Passover Seder with our dear friends the Moritzes, who are Messianic Jews.  I’d never been to a Passover celebration and he did such an amazing job guiding us gentiles through such a beautiful dinner and celebration.  To hear the symbolism, the history, the meaning behind how this holiday has been celebrated for literally thousands of years added a layer of richness to my faith that I doubt I would have gotten any other way.  To understand that THIS was what Jesus and His disciples celebrated right before He was arrested and crucified and then subsequently rose from the grave was a powerful lens through which to view a week that we typically color with plastic grass and stuffed bunnies and as much candy as we can possibly stuff in our tummies.  In a culture so far removed from the circumstances and traditions that were commonplace in the time of Christ, we miss so much of what the holiday is truly about.



The elements of the dinner.


Adam teaches through the dinner and impressively read a vast portion of it in Hebrew. He’s a smartie.

The saturday before Easter, we headed to the Ryman Auditorium to catch the fourth stop on the Nickel Creek reunion tour.  I’d seen their farewell tour there 8 years  ago and so it was really special to be back with my husband to hear their reunion.  They did not disappoint and I reveled in old favorites and new tunes all night until my toes wouldn’t stop tapping and my cheeks hurt from grinning.  I neglected to take photos, but I’m not so sad about that as I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have captured the awesomeness on film.

Easter Sunday was lovely beyond measure.  We headed over to our fabulous church for Sunday morning service and as a bonus had along Keith’s best friend who basically is Never. In. Town.  After church, our friend Sarah cooked an “Easter Feaster” extravaganza for us and some other folks.  These great girls and I have all been friends for a long time.  I’ve known some of these girls for about 1 or 13 years and the rest of them for at least 6.  That’s alot of year of friendship to share.  Over the years we’ve all met our husbands, gotten married, and now some of the braver folk have even started having babies so our collective group of friends now boasts the addition of one boy and one girl.  Baby Jude and Sweet Kara have added a whole additional level of joy and chaos to the mix and we are grateful for them.  And of course, we’ve made all our husbands be friends (they didn’t really have a choice, but fortunately all love each other so it works out fine.) and they keep us all laughing with their antics.


Easter at St. B’s with the best husband ever.

L to R: Holli & baby Kara, Jenni, Me, Amanda, Sarah and Shanna.  I can't even add up all the years of friendship represented here.

L to R: Holli & baby Kara, Jenni, Me, Amanda, Sarah and Shanna. I can’t even add up all the years of friendship represented here.

L to R: Blake, Keith, David, baby Jude, Russell, Jacob and Jeremy.  So grateful for these amazing husbands.

L to R: Blake, Keith, David, baby Jude, Russell, Jacob and Jeremy. So grateful for these amazing husbands.

So that’s been my April!  Whew.  So much for having “down time” but grateful for all the folks I’ve gotten to see this month and ready for life to crank up again next month as I hit the road again.  Fear not, I have 4 posts half-written that I promise to finish and some great new recipes to send your way.  One of them isn’t even healthy.  Happy Spring!

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  1. Barbara Daniel says :

    You certainly have had a busy April! But alas – not a single photo was taken of the garage sale! Now what will we do to prove – 5 years from now, when one of us says “whatever happened to that…………..from Granny’s house? that it was in the garage sale?” Sigh! 🙂 So glad you have so many friends and exciting experiences!

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