An Update “Couched” in a Sectional…

One of the first things Keith and I did as newlyweds (well, besides go on our honeymoon) was buy new couches.  I didn’t own a couch and his had been around for a while and we just felt it was time to update a bit as we sought to turn “his” house into “our house.”  After checking out a few stores, we found some light blue microfiber couches at Rooms-To-Go that fit our taste and our budget.  We bought the sofa and matching loveseat and I just couldn’t get past how pretty the robin’s-egg-blue looked in our newly painted front room.  But after the remodel of our house a year later, we started to feel that the love seat and couch scenario wasn’t as practical for our new space.  And while the couches aren’t uncomfortable, they also never turned into that sink-into-and-take-a-long-nap sort of coziness we kind of hoped they would one day soften into.

Our light blue couch and loveseat.  I sure did love them!!!

Our light blue couch and loveseat. I sure did love them!!!

As we talked about what sort of couch we might like to one day have, the conversation turned to a sectional.  It seemed like a great way to be able to snuggle on the couch together while still having enough room, provide additional seating, and best utilize the space in our now-much-larger living room.  So the great sectional search began.  And as with all furniture purchases in our house (you guys know the drill by now) I was looking to find exactly what I wanted at exactly the price I was willing to pay and would settle for no less than fulfilling both of those goals.  (If this is your first time “furniture shopping” with me here on the blog, you can catch up on my find-what-you-like and then at-the-price-you-want style by checking out my posts on buying an ottoman and my dining set, a chair, and light fixture…just to get you started.)

After considering possibly every sectional ever created, Keith and I decided that the Pearce sectional from Pottery Barn was precisely what we needed.  We loved the style, the dimensions were perfect (dimensions were tricky for us as everything seemed to either be too long or too short) and the price was, well, close.  We knew that a sectional was going to be something we were going to save up for since giant pieces of well-made furniture don’t typically come cheap, but we also wanted to get the best price we could.  So we waited.  And window shopped the Pottery Barn store in the mall several times.  And requested practically every free fabric swatch you can request on the PB website.  Unfortunately for us, the clerk told us that the “oatmeal linen” upholstery that we loved had never gone on sale in her several-year tenure at the store…a fact supported by the three times the piece went on sale in other fabrics since we first looked at it about 2 years ago.

And then.  Behold.  One day as I was surfing the web, I clicked over to look at “my sectional” again for fun and the oatmeal linen was on sale!!!  I couldn’t believe it.  Keith and I decided that maybe it was time to pull the trigger on our big purchase.  But when we added the couch to the online cart, it showed a $125 “large item” delivery surcharge on top of the normal taxes and fees that get added on at the end.  So we called the Pottery Barn store about 20 minutes away to see if we could waive the fee.   Not only did the store offer to match the online sale price, but they added on some mysterious discount to erase the $125 delivery fee that ended up discounting it even further.  A win all the way around!

We sold our other couches on Craigslist for exactly what we were asking for them (the girl who bought them was positively delighted and kept saying, “but they look NEW!”) and the sectional was delivered last Thursday….just in time for me to hit the Memorial Day sales this weekend to grab some new throw pillows.   And I can for sure say that it’s everything we hoped it would be and more.  It’s comfy, it brightens up the room, we can both curl up without anyone’s elbow in the other person’s ribcage.  It’s lovely.  And it could probably sleep a person or two as well if anyone needed to crash.

And I promise, next week I’ll blog about something that has nothing to do with furniture.  Probably.

Our new Pearce sectional and it's throw pillow friends.  So thrilled with our new set-up!

Our new Pearce sectional and it’s throw pillow friends. So thrilled with our new set-up!

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  1. Barbara Daniel says :

    Argh! I just realized I never officially posted a comment – but you know that I love this new set, even though the other one was very attractive too. Your reasons for replacing it were valid and your shopping skills in getting the new set at “your” price makes me think they need you to help with the national budget!

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