Circling the Wagons

– A Bandwagon Roundup –

I suppose we can thank social media for keeping us informed about what’s trending and what everyone else is doing. All these little ideas come floating into my world – try this diet! roll your jeans like this! here’s the perfect 365-day cleaning schedule!  And I like to throw my own bandwagon experiments onto this blog, mainly to add my two cents to the collective knowledge. So, there are a healthy handful of bandwagons described here, and I was curious how many we’ve kept up.  I did some reviewing of the blog archives, and here is the resulting status update.

1) Running. Bethany did a handful of half marathons. I did a 10K and kept up a jogging habit up for a year or so. Running/biking/racing in general is totally the exercise fad of the times, is it not? (Think of all the exercise fads! pilates, yoga, rollerblading, step aerobics, sweatin to the oldies, jazzercise. I digress.) For me, the move got in the way of my routine, and then pregnancy totally squashed my interest. The baby is now 9 months old, and I still haven’t put on any running shoes. I think about it occasionally but yeah, I probably won’t bother until the weather perks up, the hours of daylight get a little bit longer, and swimsuit season is on the horizon.

2) Bangs! Bethany’s still rocking hers. Mine are gone, but I need a haircut, big time.  Jump back on? I think I’m gonna get a LOB.

3) Paleo. Bethany and Keith are still in on a casual basis, as evidenced by the numerous Paleo recipes she posts here.

4) Whole30. I tried this once (and blogged about it). I actually went for Round #2 recently and my husband even joined me. The second time, I was a little bit too lenient I guess, because I didn’t really feel all that much ‘better’ per se.  I did drop a few lbs of babyweight so #winning. And in general, I think my cooking style has expanded to include more vegetables, coconut oil, and actual made-from-scratch recipes, so yeah.  More #winning.

5) Oil pulling. Yuck, Bethany: how long did that last?

6) No ‘poo.  Here we have our first bandwagon->lifestyle conversion!! Two years later, there is still no shampoo in my shower. This is saving us at least like $20 a year. Seriously though, my life is simpler this way, and my hair is still happier than it was in previous decades. Baking soda for me.

7) Juicing. Bethany – what is your game plan here? My take on juicing: I will continue to refuse to watch “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”. Will not. That show must be the most compelling documentary on the planet, and I just really don’t want a juicer. Actually I like juice though. Hmm.

8) Blogging. I think blogging is going to be one of those things you look back on and go “oh wow that was so millenial.”  Like how I feel about hotmail – so 90s. (Another aside: what will this particular decade go by?  The Tens?) But here we are, 3 posts into our FOURTH year of twogirlsblog.

So, what am I missing here? I know a few I haven’t tried: essential oils. StitchFix. Chalkboard paint. I bet chalkboard paint is almost done by now.


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One response to “Circling the Wagons”

  1. bethanybordeaux says :

    I love that any time I jump on a bandwagon, you’re either in the seat next to me….or waving to me from another wagon rolling by. 🙂 This was a blast rolling my wagon down memory lane. 🙂

    and Essential Oils…..totally into that right now. I’ll have to blog about it.

    4 years of TwoGirlsBlog? Crazy times.

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