Mary-Hall’s List

1. Make cinnamon rolls
2. Cook for an entire week from scratch, no hamburger helper, no kraft mac-n-cheese.
3. Grow vegetable garden
4. Crochet this one pattern that I’ve never been able to get right
5. Sew an apron / mixer cover
6. Take ballroom dancing lessons
7. Figure out how to take pictures that are in focus
8. Read one book per month  X X X X X X X X
9.Get a pedicure
10. Wear eyeliner
11. Learn a new hairstyle
12. Get ears pierced?!? (still kinda on the fence) not on the fence anymore!
13. Figure out what kind of wine I like
14. Go to a Caribbean island
15. Weekend trip to Moab
16. Take the train somewhere
17. Take Ransom camping.
18. Finish reading the entire Bible
19. Hang up family photos
20. Clean out closet and dresser
21. Finish re-upholstering couch
22. Run the BolderBoulder 10K
23. Make a life list
24. List something on etsy
25. Write a children’s book
26. Learn to play OCMS’s “Wagon Wheel” on the banjo.
27. Go to the dentist!
28. Sell our house and move to Mississippi
29. Take a Sabbath rest
30! Start a new blog!


7 responses to “Mary-Hall’s List”

  1. Crickett says :

    This is awesome, MHD! I was totally going to steal this idea from my friend Aparna who did it last year! One to potentially add to the list: You should write a 25 page life story… you can interview your family and friends for it too… (or 30 if you want to continue with the theme of 30…).

  2. Alice Duett says :

    I am so excited about reading this blog. One of my friends did something special for her 30th too. You might like to add something similar to your list. On her 30th birthday, she did 30 things that were not centered around her. She made treats for her neighbors, volunteered at a shelter, took treats to the ladies at her church, donated items to Goodwill, etc…

    Good luck! Can’t wait to read your progress!

  3. Anonymous says :

    This is a meaningful way to mark and share a milestone in your life. I just went out in a limo with shiny jewelry on for my 30th.

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