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Tips & Thoughts

*If you aren’t a huge fan of veggies, starting off with fruit juices and then “sneaking in a few” veggies might be a way to go.  But don’t forget that fruits are high in sugars…so make sure you’re balancing out your fruit and veggie intake.

*I would recommend that your first day of juicing be a day where you are either at home all day, or have easy access to a fairly private bathroom….suffice to say that the first day is quite a “cleanse” and it hits fairly quickly after your first juice.  🙂

*Along with a juice fast, drinking glasses of water is totally acceptable, and a good thing for you.  If you don’t like plain water, squeeze a little lemon or lime juice in there.  Totally acceptable!

*Cucumbers and celery both provide lots of juice and have a fairly bland taste.

*If you’re watching your sugar intake consider some of these fruits that have low amounts of sugar per gram: Limes (0.4), Lemons (2.5), Strawberries (5.8), Grapefruit (6.2) and Blueberries (7.3)  (source: The Paleo Diet Cookbook)

*Make sure you get a variety of colors each day….maybe start with a predominantly orange or red juice (oranges, tomatoes, red peppers, carrots, etc.) in the morning and then have a green juice for lunch, etc.)

*I know it’s kind of a trend right now, but Kale really is a super food.  Throw a few leaves in your green juices!

*Ginger, Grapefruit and Tomatoes all have extremely potent flavors!  You might want to start with small amounts of these in your juices!!

*This might be too much information, but did you know that beets can turn your poop red?  Just a word of warning…….

*There are two types of juicers, ones that sort of spin the juice out, and then masticating juicers that “chew” or press the juice out.  Masticating juicers are said to be the best because the preserve the most nutrients, but are also super pricey.  Particularly if you’re not sure you’re going to stick with it, I’d recommend starting out with a less expensive juicer.  We have this one from Hamilton Beach and it’s worked great for us.  Joe has a juicer buying guide you might want to consult and recommends Breville products.

Fruit & Veggie Prep

Some fruits and veggies need a little bit of prep.  Here’s a few tips on the most common ones.

*Wash ALL fruits and veggies before using.  Kale especially seems to trap dirt well in the folds of it’s leaves so take some extra time with rinsing your kale leaves!  Nothing worse than gritty juices.

*Apple seeds should NOT be put through the juicer.  Core apples before using.  I use an apple corer on my pears as well.

*Citrus fruits (lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits) actually contain lots of nutrients in the white pith below the colored part of the peel and the fruit.  Peel citrus fruits using a veggie peeler or knife (I prefer a knife) to get the colored part of the peel off and leave as much of the white below.  Then you can throw them in the juicer, seeds and all.  I peel tangerines all the way because their peels are just so thin, that peeling them with a knife is just frustrating.

*For a full details on how to prepare different kinds of fruits and veggies, this A-Z Produce guide from Reboot with Joe is fantastic.



“Mr. Ed” (A Bethany original)

*4 carrots

*2 apples

“Orange You Glad You’re Juicing?” (Another Bethany Original)

*2 oranges

*1/2 grapefruit

*2 tangerines

*3 carrots

*1/2 inch piece ginger

Mean Green Juice Recipe (From Joe Cross – www.rebootwithjoe.com)

*1 cucumber

*4 celery stalks

*2 apples

*6-8 leaves kale

*1/2 lemon

*1 tsp (about 1 inch long portion) raw ginger


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