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Jamaica Travelog

The Caribbean region is fascinating to me and I am definitely planning to see more of it.  Well I’m hoping to see all of it actually.  Can I put that on my life list?  To visit every island in the Caribbean?  Jamaica is just a start, but it was a great trip.  All seven of our days there looked about the same:

6am.  Sun coming in the room.  Wake up and read a bit.  The view from our room was lovely and it was all too much fun to go back to sleep.

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#14 Jamaica mon!

#14 is done because me and August and six friends are on vacation down in Jamaica. It’s a lovely place and we’re having a blast. I’m getting to work on more than one extra list item while we’re here too. BONUS! I’ll try to blog regularly but it’s a little bit difficult to act like a responsible adult here…


That’s us coming back from “yoga on the beach”. This was a first for me, we’ll see how sore i am tomorrow. Other non-list firsts: first mojito among other beverage firsts, first ride on a hobie cat (sail boat thing), first piano bar, first time to meet a marijuana dealer… You know, all the good stuff. More to come…

A Tale of Two Exercise Classes

Bethany reminded me that I was supposed to be coming up with a new exercise goal.  And in fact I already have one!  July 14!

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