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Chicago: a race, a violin, and All. That. Jazz……

“The Bean,” a cool piece of public art shimmers in front of the Chicago skyline.

So originally I’d had high hopes of getting to Maine or Arizona or Montana or St. Louis or San Francisco or Boston.  But scheduling in a trip to one of those places just wasn’t in the cards.  Theoretically I’ve been to Chicago before on a high-school jazz band trip.  I remember the house in the suburbs where we stayed and the school where the competition was.  Mom says we also took a trip into the city, and while I believe her, I don’t remember any of that part of the trip….and the few days this past week that I spent in Chicago didn’t ring any bells in my memory.  So I decided that I’m going to count Chicago as my new major city and cross off a list item:

5. Visit a new state OR major city

This trip turned out to be pretty epic.  First of all, I got to spend some time with Harriet, a Compassion LDP student from Kenya.  And you already know how I feel about those Compassion LDP students.  They amaze me.  Then of course there was the free yoga-in-the-park class on Saturday morning.  And then there were the violins. Read More…


Giving #30 a tri……

First of all, let me say that triathletes are beasts.  I can’t fathom being as ridiculously in shape as one needs to be to actually BE a triathlete.

After I finished my 1/2 marathon in May, my friend Emily suggested I try a sprint-length triathlon.  I’d almost done a little mini-tri at a camp I worked at in 2004, but I forgot to set an alarm and slept through it.  Ever since then I’ve thought it would be really cool to do one, but never thought I actually would.  Of course I never thought I could run 13.1 miles either.  I didn’t even know what a sprint tri involved so Emily educated me that there are several distances in the triathlon world, Sprint (the shortest), Olympic (mid-length), Half-Iron Man (this is what the “70.3” bumper stickers mean) and Ironman or Ultra Distance (insanely long….this length involves a 2.4 mile swim, a full marathon run (26 miles) and a 110 mile bike.)  She was training for one the end of July, so I added it as a list item…

30! Complete a “sprint-length” triathlon

…and figured I had 2 months to figure out how to conquer this thing.  But then my calendar changed when I decided to run the Chicago Rock-N-Roll Half marathon in July, and I had to pick another tri to train for.  The only other one in Nashville before my birthday happened to be this morning….which at the time I signed up, gave me a mere 4 weeks to train.  So I re-figured my training schedule, and decided to go for it anyway.  Basically, my “training” ended up being that I ran alot.  And then fit in half-hearted swims when I could and a few bike rides.  I was certainly not prepared for the bike or the swim portion of this morning’s competition the way I should have been.  And I’ll admit that as I stood in line waiting to go into the water this morning, I almost ran away, packed up, and went home.  But then I realized I’d have to write a blog about how I wussed out and that didn’t seem like a very fun thing to do. Read More…

90 by 90

I passed these sweet ladies at about the 5 mile marker during my recent 10K.  They were holding hands and plodding right along.

Of course I immediately had a flash forward to me and Bethany working on our “Ninety by Ninety” lists.  I hope when I’m their age I’m also walking 10K races just for the fun of it, while holding hands and wearing a rubber duckie necklace.  I may add that to my life list.

There was something really touching and inspirational about them.  I just know they have lots of adventures and I bet I could learn a lot from them.

And B, I do hope we get to do a race together BEFORE we get to this stage.  But the chicago half-marathon is absolutely not going to happen.  I think I need to see a dr about this knee of mine.

Staying on Schedule

Schools are out or almost out.  The month of May is about to bid us farewell.  The weather in Nashville has become unbearably hot.  All these things point to the rapid approach of our birthdays and there’s lots left to be done.  So I decided this past Sunday night to prepare to cross off several list items by crossing off a list item:

26. Create a daily schedule

I don’t work an 8-5.  I’m either out on the road, or I’m home; and when I’m home, I sometimes have trouble managing my time.  Read More…

22. Run the BolderBoulder 10K

#22 is officially down in the record books.  This morning I completed “America’s All-time Best 10K”, the BolderBoulder.  Me and 55,000+ others.

It is a very large scale event and I have to say, I was impressed by the overall smoothness.  They must have some incredible logistics people working on their team.  And as far as me running 6 miles in a row?  You know, it really wasn’t that bad.  I have to hand it to the old training schedule, which I barely even stuck with.  By the end I was taking serious liberties.

Today the weather was perfection.  Not to cold or hot, not to wind, lots of sun.  The route wasn’t nearly has hilly as I had feared.  Jogging with so many other people included the additional challenge of dodging walkers and kids and college boys in ape suits, but it was a welcome distraction.  My carefully orchestrated playlist worked really well:

  • First, bluegrassy stuff I always jog to… i.e. take it easy, this is no different from any other run.
  • Then some tracks off a new alternative CD I just downloaded… i.e. combat boredom with new tunes
  • Then 90s hip hop…  i.e you really ARE #1.  fast tempo! don’t slow down!
  • Last of course Hanson… i.e. you got this!

My only complaint was that I needed a couple more hip hop songs to keep up the pace right at the end.  Mmmbop came on a little too soon.

My running buddy was Dr J.  We’d never actually run together before today but still finished within a minute of each other.  Here we are at the starting line:

We conveniently neglected to take any post-race photos.  Of course no need because we looked exactly same.  Here are my official stats.  My finish time was a comfortable 1hr and 13 minutes.

And as for the overall training process?  I really enjoyed it.  MUCH more than I expected.  I noticed a ton of personal improvement along the way.  Sure, there were ups and downs (see chart below).  My energy level is much higher, and that is worth a lot in my book. A pesky knee injury/problem/weirdness that still won’t completely go away, for example.  But I do kind of get what people mean when they say things like “I’m looking forward to a nice long jog this afternoon.”  Previously, I just thought they were nuts.

I actually want to stick with it, but I’m not sure I will without a concrete goal.  Guess I need to formulate a goal.

Eyes on the Unlikely Prize

So I decided somewhat spur-of-the-moment to run a 5K yesterday morning.  Hubs was out-of-town, I needed to get a run in that day anyway, and I figured a race would be the most fun way to do it.  I found one about 15 minutes from my house and laced up my running shoes.

It was a pretty small race….probably about 200 people, and the course was a down-and-back sort of thing with some rolling hills, but nothing crazy like running in downtown Nashville.  I normally try to pace myself well, but when I realized I’d run the first mile in about 9 minutes (fast for me) and that there were only 10 women in front of me, I decided to turn it up a notch and try to set a personal record.  All was going well and I was totally on track to beat my own time when of course I took a wrong turn near the very end and had to backtrack, costing me about 3 minutes.  My official clock time was 35:14.  I was super disappointed at not setting a personal record, but I knew I’d finished 12th overall out of women (I’d counted carefully….so competitive) and so I decided to stick around for the awards just to see. Read More…

Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Country Music Half Marathon

Besides a great deal of muscle soreness, I feel such a huge sense of accomplishment as I sit down to write this post.  I’ve been dreaming for months now about the day that I get to write this post….the one that I’m writing now about having checked #2 off my list…and now as I’m here, I’m sort of at a loss of what to write.  If you need a refresher, the goal was:

2. Run (complete) a 1/2 marathon

And yesterday I did just that.

At the start line! Excited and ready to run!

Read More…

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